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August 31, 2010

Confusion Begone!!!

From the feedback that we’ve got, we get the general idea that there might be some confusion out there about what exactly we do. Perhaps we neglected to make ourselves crystal clear?

Kismet and I wondered how this could possibly have happened considering the idea was so perfectly defined to us. Then, after much thought, we realized that perhaps everything was so clear to us that we just expected it to be clear to you?!

When this blog was just a tiny idea in our heads, we dove headfirst into research. Together we went through the innumerable wedding blogs and websites out there. As a result, in our heads is a big cauldron of wedding soup – decor ideas, invitations, themes, inspiration boards, engagement shoots, real weddings, stylized faux weddings and what not.

However, since you were not a part of our research journey, we decided to do this post to give you a better idea of what we’ve seen and what we’re hoping to do here as well.

We’re bringing our research to you!

Take a look at some of our favorite sites – a source of constant inspiration for us here at The Unreal Bride.

Our first post, ‘ Dressing the doctor‘ is inspired by a concept called ‘trash-the-dress’  which we’ve seen a lot of on many sites especially here on a great wedding blog called the Rock ‘n Roll Bride.

Up until now our shoots have been ‘unreal’ or ‘faux’ as they are called all over the worldwide wedding web. Confused? Snippet & Ink helps explain a faux wedding real well- click HERE to see a few examples and look at some of the photos from the faux wedding!!!

All these photos are featured on Snippet & Ink and the photographer is  Bonnie Tsang.

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August 19, 2010

The Proposal Dilemma

Gone are the days when men would simply take their girls out to a nice restaurant for a candle lit dinner and request the maitre d’ to hide an engagement ring in the dessert bowl for his fiancée to unexpectedly bite on – and hopefully not swallow! With so much pressure from movies and books to propose in a new and unique manner, we can imagine that men world over are at quite a loss and spend a whole lot of time preparing the perfect proposal. And then what? With all the planning and thinking that goes into it, you have not one photograph to immortalize that expression of surprise, a tear or two?

For a long time I’ve hoped and prayed that my  hubby to be (is he reading this?) will have the foresight to hide a photographer somewhere close by when he pops the question. Of late, I’ve  come across a few enterprising males who have done exactly this – one of them quite simply proposed in a photo booth so he has strips and strips of gorgeous candid shots of the whole episode. Smart man! Another, had a photographer hide in the shrubbery while he proposed at the beach!

Kshitij and Sreoshi in a photo booth! So cute!

Kshitij's proposal!

The Smart Man Proposal

We also found these cute pictures of Kaylen’s proposal story on her blog and felt the need to share – adorable!! Thanks, Kaylen!!

How he did it!

Are you at a loss as well? Or just need some fine tuning of your idea?

We can help you pick the perfect ring and the perfect plan as well-  contact us and we can swap ideas and plan a secret, undercover agent style photo shoot where the unreal girls will help you set it all up and then hide in the bushes/behind the sofa and take some killer photographs while your bride to be says yes (fingers crossed!).

What an idea, Sir Ji!

Text: April Sher Bhaika

August 12, 2010

The Unreal Bride is here (finally) !

adj :

1. Not real or substantial; illusory.

2. Slang So remarkable as to elicit disbelief; fantastic.

3. Surreal.

4. larger or more fantastic than typical of real life

“What am I going to wear today?” vs  “What am I going to wear to my wedding?”  The difference between the two seemingly similar questions? One is easily answered on most given days while the other takes over your entire life! Yes, we know how difficult it is to choose your perfect wedding outfit-  as you pour over bridal magazines and make the requisite pilgrimage to every design god in the country – it haunts you. What colour will it be? Bling ? No bling? Too much bling?? Everything else is put on the back burner as the style obsessed, yet rather frazzled bride-to-be goes on a quest to discover the Mother Supreme of all outfits – the Holy Grail of Bridal Couture.

After you’ve struggled in and out of stitched saris, complicated blouses, fishtail lehengas and churidaars that refuse to go up or come down – innumerable crystals have scratched their fury into your face and you would rather attend your wedding in your favorite yoga outfit than go back into another store – EVER!!!

Scary? Oh yes, it is.

Lets presume you’ve been through this harrowing experience and finally found it. The one. Not the groom – the lehenga. Now what? You think you’re done? Ah! silly little bride – weddings are far more traumatic than just that! Prepare to be bombarded with questions of your trousseau, jewelry, make up and hair,spa sessions, themes, food, beverages, decor, flowers, the guest list, the entertainment, the DJ, presents for friends and family ,strangers and more. Now multiply all of that by a hundred and you might have an approximate of what you should expect.

Your big day not turning out to be all that special, is it?  The days leading up to it will give you more wrinkles than a thousand pots of anti-aging potion could prevent. Decked out in the finest,laden with jewels the worth of which could easily be the fiscal deficit of a small country – you; oh,weary bride, look around and what do you see? Dirty linen on a table, purple decor even though you specifically said mauve, the DJ is playing what could only be called hideous hits of all time, you asked for a beautiful blush leather sofa for yourself and hubby to seat your newly wedded selves upon but what do you get? A white pleather throne with leopard trimming? And all this while you wish you could stop smiling incessantly for photographers and in-laws alike, tear all those crystals off and run out of the venue screaming for it all to just STOP! This was supposed to be the best party of your life but,where is all the fun? (This is our cue!)

We are going to take the many-sided wedding puzzle and subtract the stress. With our blog, we want to give you inspiration, beautiful images, put you in touch with all the really creative and stylish people out there who will take the vague idea you have of what you want and sketch it out, dig it up, find it wherever its hiding – solve the bridal mega riddle! And, of course add the most important ingredient to it-FUN!!!

The cherry on top of course is that when you hire us you get to take home the most breathtakingly gorgeous images of your nuptials which we will style so you have something to add to your regular all-encompassing wedding coverage. The bliss. The serenity. We know you want it. You want to laze around on your living room sofa on your 25th anniversary and stare at that perfect picture; the two of you, in love ♥ , and very happy on the day you vowed to spend the rest of your lives with each other…with not a single patch of pleather in sight.

Since what we in India call the ‘wedding season’ is still a few months away, we decided to enlist the aid of a few friends unsuspecting victims and stage some photo shoots to give you a taste of the kind of photos we take. Choose elements of your wedding outfit or even a few symbolic items of your trousseau and we will incorporate them in an otherwise regular outfit and build a more fun, stylish and personalized collection of pictures – different from everything else you’ve posed for so far. In no way are we suggesting that you should wear a ganji to your pheras or riding boots complete with shotgun to your mehendi (unless you want to – in which case, we’re totally game for it!) but who says you can’t have photographs in those outfits? You’ve got to admit they’re really cool – they’re unreal!

Come be our next UNREAL BRIDE!! (groom optional)

NOTE: Eager to start work and with no brides in sight, we decided to entrap one beautiful medical professional and set up a faux photo shoot. Our first project is what we call ‘Dressing the Doctor’ – where we have taken one doctor and put her in a cool vintage outfit, whisked her away to a secret location and taken a bunch of awesome photographs. Can’t wait to see these photographs? Well, we can’t wait to show them to you , either ! Watch this space for our next post!!

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