The Proposal Dilemma

Gone are the days when men would simply take their girls out to a nice restaurant for a candle lit dinner and request the maitre d’ to hide an engagement ring in the dessert bowl for his fiancée to unexpectedly bite on – and hopefully not swallow! With so much pressure from movies and books to propose in a new and unique manner, we can imagine that men world over are at quite a loss and spend a whole lot of time preparing the perfect proposal. And then what? With all the planning and thinking that goes into it, you have not one photograph to immortalize that expression of surprise, a tear or two?

For a long time I’ve hoped and prayed that my  hubby to be (is he reading this?) will have the foresight to hide a photographer somewhere close by when he pops the question. Of late, I’ve  come across a few enterprising males who have done exactly this – one of them quite simply proposed in a photo booth so he has strips and strips of gorgeous candid shots of the whole episode. Smart man! Another, had a photographer hide in the shrubbery while he proposed at the beach!

Kshitij and Sreoshi in a photo booth! So cute!

Kshitij's proposal!

The Smart Man Proposal

We also found these cute pictures of Kaylen’s proposal story on her blog and felt the need to share – adorable!! Thanks, Kaylen!!

How he did it!

Are you at a loss as well? Or just need some fine tuning of your idea?

We can help you pick the perfect ring and the perfect plan as well-  contact us and we can swap ideas and plan a secret, undercover agent style photo shoot where the unreal girls will help you set it all up and then hide in the bushes/behind the sofa and take some killer photographs while your bride to be says yes (fingers crossed!).

What an idea, Sir Ji!

Text: April Sher Bhaika


4 Comments to “The Proposal Dilemma”

  1. Such an awesome idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is an interesting idea. I do think it would be a whole lot funnier if the hidden photographer caught a very candid rejection instead!

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