Confusion Begone!!!

From the feedback that we’ve got, we get the general idea that there might be some confusion out there about what exactly we do. Perhaps we neglected to make ourselves crystal clear?

Kismet and I wondered how this could possibly have happened considering the idea was so perfectly defined to us. Then, after much thought, we realized that perhaps everything was so clear to us that we just expected it to be clear to you?!

When this blog was just a tiny idea in our heads, we dove headfirst into research. Together we went through the innumerable wedding blogs and websites out there. As a result, in our heads is a big cauldron of wedding soup – decor ideas, invitations, themes, inspiration boards, engagement shoots, real weddings, stylized faux weddings and what not.

However, since you were not a part of our research journey, we decided to do this post to give you a better idea of what we’ve seen and what we’re hoping to do here as well.

We’re bringing our research to you!

Take a look at some of our favorite sites – a source of constant inspiration for us here at The Unreal Bride.

Our first post, ‘ Dressing the doctor‘ is inspired by a concept called ‘trash-the-dress’  which we’ve seen a lot of on many sites especially here on a great wedding blog called the Rock ‘n Roll Bride.

Up until now our shoots have been ‘unreal’ or ‘faux’ as they are called all over the worldwide wedding web. Confused? Snippet & Ink helps explain a faux wedding real well- click HERE to see a few examples and look at some of the photos from the faux wedding!!!

All these photos are featured on Snippet & Ink and the photographer is  Bonnie Tsang.

What we’re planning to show you next on the blog is a bridal shower – we loved this Croquet bridal shower which we saw featured here on this cool blog – Ruffled .

All these photos of the Croquet Bridal Shower are by What A Day! Photography


I’m sure you all remember our latest shoot ‘Groom Hunting‘ which is an example of a bridal session – similar to these photos of the bride as seen here on Style me Pretty .

Yes, these are quite a few links for you to click on, but trust us- these are only a few of the countless gorgeous images and websites we go through on a daily basis.

In a nutshell, we’re saying we will take photographs-

♥either before or after your wedding,

♥during your wedding,

♥at your bridal shower with all your girls,

♥with a theme or without,

♥with or without your groom,

♥and make a scrapbook album of them if you’d like!

So there you have it! Our inspirations and  explanations of what The Unreal Bride aims to do .

If you’re still scratching your head wondering what we’re going on about- email us, facebook us, tweet us, call us- just ASK us and we will be ever so happy to answer any of your questions!!

Text : April Sher Bhaika (more or less) and Kismet Jewell Nakai (less)

Layout : Both April & Kismet

Thanks to all the fabulous blogs , photographers and stylists linked in this post!


One Comment to “Confusion Begone!!!”

  1. LOL… thanks for the explanation… was sure needed!

    and i love the way you guys write 🙂

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