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September 30, 2010

Thursday Thoughts:Music Magic

What is a celebration without music? Pretty dull, we’d say!!

But, you can’t just settle for just any music, it has to be perfect- otherwise it can totally ruin the entire moment! More and more , people are beginning to understand this need for good music at weddings and are adding music to the list of essentials right up there with caterers, florists, photographers and planners.

There are a few fabulous young musicians who we know of and who already perform at weddings right from India to New Zealand. We are excited to show off their talent here on the blog; ladies and gentlemen, we present to you – our very own, Hari & Sukhmani! Their music is a fusion of folk music and electronica.

Boohey Bariyan by Hari & Sukhmani

Mahi ve Mahi by Hari & Sukhmani

Listen to more of H&S on their Reverbnation page.

And for you lot, who want some music you can bounce around to, maybe at your sangeet, we highly recommend Sahej Bakshi aka Dualist Inquiry , who we are extremely proud of and who just happens to be a product of our hometown .


This is my absolute favourite-

One More Thing

These are just some of his tracks but you can listen to more here at  SoundCloud .

*We wave goodbye because we are too busy dancing to type anymore!*

*Fresh Ideas Every Thursday!*

September 27, 2010

Real Wedding: Mini and Alan

Before we get into this post , I just wanted to say something.This may come as a shocker to most of you, but I was one of those people who’d much rather be ‘ill’ or ‘unavoidably detained’ the day(s) of a wedding (of course some of you are out there shaking your heads in disdain!). There is so much happening during a wedding, it’s like sensory overload for me- I just can’t focus! It’s the same when it comes to shopping- I just zone out.Anyway, I finally found a way to deal with it -hide behind a camera! It has so many advantages- you don’t really have to make too much conversation, you get to take some cool shots, don’t get bored and best of all, you can pretend you are hidden behind the camera! No wonder wedding photographers love their job!

So to the point now-much much before The Unreal Bride was even an idea in our litte (so we like to believe) heads, I attended a dear friends wedding which could possibly be one of the funnest I’ve been to in a while! It was here, at Mini and Alans wedding that I carried my camera with me wherever I went and took my first baby steps into the world of wedding photography. That is one of the reasons we wanted to feature them here.

The other reasons being that it was bursting at the seams with  so much happiness, joy and so much love!

It’s worth a mention that it was a ‘cross-cultural’ wedding as well,not that that’s very odd in todays ever expanding diversified world! Mini and Alan both live in London but Mini’s hometown is here in India and that’s where they decided to have the wedding. There were people from all over the world attending the wedding- Alans family (obviously),their friends and even Mini’s boss flew down from London to be a part of it! Forget cultural shock- the non-Indians surprised us by dancing longer, eating more and partying harder than any of us! Mini looked beautiful , like she always does and she had her ‘bridesmaids’ taking care of all the little details making sure that she was totally stress free !

Next time Mini and Alan are in town, they aren’t going anywhere till we get an Unreal Shoot with them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Text and Photographs :Kismet Jewell Nakai

Edit: April Sher Bhaika

September 23, 2010

Thursday Thoughts: Wedding Videos

We believe wedding videos are as important as the photos. You shouldn’t have to fast forward through hours of footage to get to the good parts – instead, a short and sweet film that captures the essence of your wedding and can be conveniently shared with friends and family is a far better option. We have selected a few of the best wedding videos (trust us, we scoured the internet for HOURS before we found these!) to share with all of you.

Jennifer + Steve // Wedding Highlights from Josh Gooden on Vimeo via Post Card & Pretties

The next video is of an engagement session .

E-Fusion video =combination of still and motion photography from Josh Gooden in collaboration with Jodi Miller Photography

This video is such fun! The bride’s vows are great and we love how the dogs are a part of it all!

Angela+Anthony from StillMotion and music from With Etiquette

Thank you to Untamed Petals for telling us about this video! This is why we love twitter!!!

Why limit personalized films to just your wedding day? This cute animated story celebrates a couple who have been in love for decades. There shouldn’t be any limit to how or when you document your lives together.

Danny and Annie’s story via StoryCorps

In case you’re interested in having videos like these made for yourself, we do know a few people who we could put you in touch with – contact us for more details and happy watching!

*Fresh Ideas Every Thursday!*

September 16, 2010

Thursday Thoughts : Dancing Shoes

I always carry a pair of flat shoes whenever I go out dancing and I know I’m not alone! However, HOW awesome would it be if the wedding you went to already had flip flops or hotel style slippers awaiting your arrival on the dancefloor?

We found there are already some ingenious people out there who had made exactly these arrangements at their weddings. So, for our first installment of ‘Thursday Thoughts’ we decided we must share this fabulous idea with all of you.

As seen on My Wedding Day Bliss

We got these images from My Wedding Day Bliss, The Knot and Atlanta Occasions (top to bottom)

Weddings are for dancing so don’t let pokey pointy formal footwear hold you back from getting your groove on!

Potential brides and grooms to be – please keep our feet in mind when planning your wedding. Most importantly the sangeet, so we can boogey the night away without fear of blisters, callouses and potential paralysis.

Ever heard Cliff Richards’ Dancing Shoes? If you haven’t you’d better listen to it here (its a classic!) and start practicing some moves already!!!

Fresh ideas every Thursday!

Text: April Sher Bhaika

Editing and wordpress guidance : Kismet Jewell Nakai

September 9, 2010

Heir She Is!!

I think it’s safe to say that everyone out there, at some point or the other, has looked at photographs of their grandmothers and wondered – how simple, yet gorgeous they are.

No heavy-duty makeup, no saris that weigh 600 kgs – just them in their natural Photoshop free beauty.

That’s how we felt when we were looking through ancient albums the other day. The thought struck us that perhaps people would like to have a pre wedding, bridal photo session wearing heirloom pieces that have been in the family for decades. So, we decided to put together a shoot and replicate that magic.

Princess Mits was the perfect and needless to say, beautiful guinea pig for our vintage inspired faux bridal shoot.

Getting the outfit together was the least of our worries as we both have closets bursting at the seams with yards and yards of ancient heirloom French chiffons and Indian silks the likes of which you would be hard pressed to find in today’s mass- manufactured world.

We finalized upon a yellow-printed chiffon sari which belonged to Kismets grandma and paired it with Princess Mits’ own lace bodysuit.

The green lizard skin ankle strap sandals are by Manolo Blahnik and are very vintage looking even though they are from a 2006-07 collection (if I’m not mistaken).The emerald, diamond and pearl jewellery is all from my mothers wedding trousseau.

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