Heir She Is!!

I think it’s safe to say that everyone out there, at some point or the other, has looked at photographs of their grandmothers and wondered – how simple, yet gorgeous they are.

No heavy-duty makeup, no saris that weigh 600 kgs – just them in their natural Photoshop free beauty.

That’s how we felt when we were looking through ancient albums the other day. The thought struck us that perhaps people would like to have a pre wedding, bridal photo session wearing heirloom pieces that have been in the family for decades. So, we decided to put together a shoot and replicate that magic.

Princess Mits was the perfect and needless to say, beautiful guinea pig for our vintage inspired faux bridal shoot.

Getting the outfit together was the least of our worries as we both have closets bursting at the seams with yards and yards of ancient heirloom French chiffons and Indian silks the likes of which you would be hard pressed to find in today’s mass- manufactured world.

We finalized upon a yellow-printed chiffon sari which belonged to Kismets grandma and paired it with Princess Mits’ own lace bodysuit.

The green lizard skin ankle strap sandals are by Manolo Blahnik and are very vintage looking even though they are from a 2006-07 collection (if I’m not mistaken).The emerald, diamond and pearl jewellery is all from my mothers wedding trousseau.

The hair ornaments have a very interesting history that I must share with all of you. The larger semi spherical clip is called ‘Saggi‘ whereas the two little ones are called ‘Phul‘.

The traditional Punjabi way to wear these pieces is to have one right on top of your head and one small one over each ear. I don’t know if its just me, but I’ve always thought they looked a bit ridiculous worn that way!

However, I’ve grown up carefully examining them – in photos and otherwise- and marveled at their delicate craftsmanship.

Hence, in this shoot, we’ve used them a little differently and put them all on one side of the head – just to show you different ways in which you can use heirloom jewelry which up until now, you didn’t believe was wearable.

An important aspect of old Jadau jewellery is that unlike modern wedding jewellery, it doesn’t weigh the earth so by piling all of it on to one side of your head – you won’t experience any shift in your center of gravity and run the rather dangerous risk of losing your balance and toppling over. I find the effect  STUNNING and can’t wait to wear this style!!!

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If any of you loving readers out there have strange jewelry or clothing lying around or have thought of new ways to wear old stuff – we’d love to see some samples of your creativity – so play dress up and send us pictures!

Model : Anandita Singh aka Princess Mits

Text and Styling : April Sher Bhaika

Photographs : Kismet Jewell Nakai


53 Responses to “Heir She Is!!”

  1. Hello I am in love with this look. I have never worn a saree before and was wondering did you drape the saree without having the petticoat? Is it draped just using the body suit?

  2. One of the best shoots according to me. Damn, i kept looking at it again and again. the jewellery is awesome and specially the Saggi-Phul. Despite of being from Punjab, i have only seen traditional gold saggi-phull, and excellent experiment with it. It actually looks more great sideways. 😀

  3. I LOVE THIS. I want to keep looking at this post. Lace is love. And what exquisite jewelry.
    Absolutely gorgeous the styling and the pictures.

  4. this is the best indian wedding bride person photograph i have ever seen in my life.
    this is breath-taking, and as organic as one can possibly get.
    beautiful breath-taking work!
    you guys are too talented to be able to do this.
    im devouring this!

  5. breathtakingly beautiful. i have been trying to find vintage-inspired photos of Indian brides, and your’s is the first that I have come across and loved!

  6. Hi, really nice pictures. Especially like the hair accessories.
    However, I miss the old template of your website!

  7. god … mithu u looking absolutely fantastic man … !!!!! great concept man …

  8. You looking stunning mithu…the styling is great and so is the photography!! Totally pro!!

  9. You guys are doing brilliant…absolutely love the blogs and where on earth do you guys get such awesome ideas?…so different and so perfect…i wish i had read half this stuff before i got married in november…its all the things i wouldve done but didnt know off…oh well…
    but you guys are brilliant- and really, keep up all the awesome work xx

  10. Love the styling, love the pics – mits you look gorgeous 🙂

    And I shall probably go to sleep dreaming of those shoes….

  11. Just reading through all the posts and I have got to admit that I don’t know of anyone else that would’ve come up with such a concept and looked into it’s inticracies as these two ladies. I guess there are a lot more like us in Chandigarh, the metros and around the world to be bringing vintage back in vogue.. the shoes as April says are from just a few years back and the lace leotard.. well go into any shop in London this season and you’ll find them… vintage is back and even us lesser fashionable mortals in Chandigarh understand that.. but I have to agree… you guys have to market this to the metros.. they won’t know whats hit them!!

  12. ethereal.
    it’s all too stunning, april!

  13. Mits,
    I knew I should have got your autograph years ago before you got all mega famous like you are today 😉 Well done, great shoot!


  14. wow– to see beautiful ‘Anandita” our little Mittu —- all dressed up– — in the 50’s —–the saree draped differently, the hairstyle –all so quaint.
    waiting to see you as the real bride—- you can carry off any dress — though after these pictures I feel you will look lovely as a Bride dressed up like the ones in the 40’s —

  15. wow– to see beautiful ‘Anandita” our little Mittu —- all dressed up– — in the 50’s —– You wont believe it but we went to the house “the command house ” where your mom carried you and where you were born yesterday.

    waiting to see you as the real bride—- you can carry off any dress — though after these pictures I feel you will look lovely as a Bride dressed up like the ones in the 40’s –though without the face covered.
    love you–anu aunty

    • Anu Aunty.. I remember hanging out at yours with the dogs and at the parlour! On the day (as and when).. Im sure you’ll be helping me tie the sari. Hope to see you real soon. Lots and lots of love.

  16. Beautiful ……the concept and the pictures!Very very classy and and so stylish.

  17. Its simply awesome.

    I really liked the concept and the photography. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  18. Beautiful. However, I wonder if people appreciate such unique ideas in Chandigarh. There could be a huge market for this concept in Delhi. But, then again, I could be wrong. Lovely post. Cheers!

  19. With each post, it just keeps getting better 🙂

  20. totally delighted with this post! in these times when designers of bridalwear have lost alll sensibilities of grace and style and have sold themselves to the philosophy of more is less ( a concept right only when one is faced with your mom’s cooking on the table),your beautifully simple portrayal of a bride is such a brilliant idea.
    with the kind of stuff happening to bridal wear one can’t tell if theres a woman in there or a pole weighed down ungracefully in a gross garb. if the idea is to show wealth it would be far more stylish to wear a lehnga made of frills of 1000 buck notes if you like pink or one with 100 buck notes for a blue hue and for a greeny one i think the 500s would do well. but if its the most important day of your life( other than when you split) then you want to look you and be recognizable in the photos as a radiant being rather than a weighed down clothes rack. also, all the glitter and the grime of metal plates( which is what the heavily worked bridal wear the designers do look like) ,well all that make a bride smell like a tank in battle. in your post i can almost bet the chiffon clad delicately embellished bride would be as fragrant as a lily.
    everything about your post is intelligent and a class act. looking forward to more…

  21. Really well done! loved reading through and admire all pics…awsome! pls gimme tips when we meet 🙂

  22. great job done ————-mithus looks lovely and what a brilliant concept–

    take the unreal bride a step further —its time now

  23. well done—great job–methinks it is time to take the unreal bride a step further ———–great job,lovely photos of Mithu.

  24. well, this is something really exotic that u’ve come up with! since the amazing first post with namrita, i have been waitin for somethin like this! 🙂 and somehow, being a portrait artist, i find this specific photoshoot more like an art show! 🙂 her natural gestures, the laugh, the drape of the saree, and the little shyness that is well evident, all make it a delight to look at!!!
    keep up the good work, lookin forward to more pieces! loved the way the saggi phulls are worn as a juda ornament! would definitely try it out someday! 🙂

    • Thank you Rohini- it was meant to be more of a very typical old school type photo shoot which used to be as good as when you had to get your portrait made. Remember how they used to paint over the photographs in the olden days? That is what we were thinking.

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment!

      • pleasure indeed.!! and must say u totally succeeded in getting that vintage look! 🙂 amazing work, keep it up! actually feel like drawing her.. 🙂 lookin forward to more!

  25. love the pictures girls!great job.mithu’s looking gorgeous.i love the vintage look.really awesome. 🙂


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