Thursday Thoughts : Dancing Shoes

I always carry a pair of flat shoes whenever I go out dancing and I know I’m not alone! However, HOW awesome would it be if the wedding you went to already had flip flops or hotel style slippers awaiting your arrival on the dancefloor?

We found there are already some ingenious people out there who had made exactly these arrangements at their weddings. So, for our first installment of ‘Thursday Thoughts’ we decided we must share this fabulous idea with all of you.

As seen on My Wedding Day Bliss

We got these images from My Wedding Day Bliss, The Knot and Atlanta Occasions (top to bottom)

Weddings are for dancing so don’t let pokey pointy formal footwear hold you back from getting your groove on!

Potential brides and grooms to be – please keep our feet in mind when planning your wedding. Most importantly the sangeet, so we can boogey the night away without fear of blisters, callouses and potential paralysis.

Ever heard Cliff Richards’ Dancing Shoes? If you haven’t you’d better listen to it here (its a classic!) and start practicing some moves already!!!

Fresh ideas every Thursday!

Text: April Sher Bhaika

Editing and wordpress guidance : Kismet Jewell Nakai


5 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts : Dancing Shoes”

  1. Ooooh multi-colored flip flops for flippity floppity- hopping-dancin 😀
    Excellent. Now i don’t need to dance bare feet after having hidden my heels in a flowerpot somewhere (I may/may not have done that) :p

  2. Haha..great post and a brilliant idea.


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