Thursday Thoughts: Wedding Videos

We believe wedding videos are as important as the photos. You shouldn’t have to fast forward through hours of footage to get to the good parts – instead, a short and sweet film that captures the essence of your wedding and can be conveniently shared with friends and family is a far better option. We have selected a few of the best wedding videos (trust us, we scoured the internet for HOURS before we found these!) to share with all of you.

Jennifer + Steve // Wedding Highlights from Josh Gooden on Vimeo via Post Card & Pretties

The next video is of an engagement session .

E-Fusion video =combination of still and motion photography from Josh Gooden in collaboration with Jodi Miller Photography

This video is such fun! The bride’s vows are great and we love how the dogs are a part of it all!

Angela+Anthony from StillMotion and music from With Etiquette

Thank you to Untamed Petals for telling us about this video! This is why we love twitter!!!

Why limit personalized films to just your wedding day? This cute animated story celebrates a couple who have been in love for decades. There shouldn’t be any limit to how or when you document your lives together.

Danny and Annie’s story via StoryCorps

In case you’re interested in having videos like these made for yourself, we do know a few people who we could put you in touch with – contact us for more details and happy watching!

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5 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts: Wedding Videos”

  1. Have you checked out Feria Cinematic? Their videos are so beautiful and personal!


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