Thursday Thoughts:Music Magic

What is a celebration without music? Pretty dull, we’d say!!

But, you can’t just settle for just any music, it has to be perfect- otherwise it can totally ruin the entire moment! More and more , people are beginning to understand this need for good music at weddings and are adding music to the list of essentials right up there with caterers, florists, photographers and planners.

There are a few fabulous young musicians who we know of and who already perform at weddings right from India to New Zealand. We are excited to show off their talent here on the blog; ladies and gentlemen, we present to you – our very own, Hari & Sukhmani! Their music is a fusion of folk music and electronica.

Boohey Bariyan by Hari & Sukhmani

Mahi ve Mahi by Hari & Sukhmani

Listen to more of H&S on their Reverbnation page.

And for you lot, who want some music you can bounce around to, maybe at your sangeet, we highly recommend Sahej Bakshi aka Dualist Inquiry , who we are extremely proud of and who just happens to be a product of our hometown .


This is my absolute favourite-

One More Thing

These are just some of his tracks but you can listen to more here at  SoundCloud .

*We wave goodbye because we are too busy dancing to type anymore!*

*Fresh Ideas Every Thursday!*


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