Interview with Priya&Hari

The Unreal Bride brings to you an interview of a soon to be married couple! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed taking it!

Priya : I don’t believe in love at first sight or that type of thing. For me that’s all very superficial and temporary. What I like about us is that we really grew into one another and grew together – we developed a really deep relationship where we completely understand each other – we’re on the same wavelength.

Hari: When you’re in a relationship and you understand each other so well – nothing is difficult.

This is Hari and Priyas story

Priya moved to Chandigarh a few years ago and didn’t know  a soul except for her Grandparents. For a year, she hung out with them and their friends. She attended parties with them and played Tambola; since she didn’t have the pre-requisite papers to work in India. That year, her youngest friend was probably 80 years old, as pointed out to us by Hari.

At the same time Hari had just moved back from Manchester where he had been studying music. Slowly, Priya got to know some people (closer to her age) who also happened to be Hari’s friends.

Their paths didn’t cross (which is odd while living in such a small town) till one fateful rainy night. Yes, it sounds a bit like a fairy tale but perhaps that is true of their entire story! Priya didn’t want to go out that night, happily tucked into bed watching a DVD but her friends convinced her to come out for a little bit. A small gathering, she knew everyone except for one person- Hari. She tells us that it may sound strange, but she had an intuition about this unknown person- a funny feeling in her stomach-like something special was going to happen.  We don’t think it’s strange at all- we do believe in movies like Serendipity!

Priya soon forgot about this intuition, because Hari played the part of the cool, unaffected guy around the only girl in the room. He was playing hard to get and that intrigued Priya! She found it kind of snobbish but still he had caught her attention. The turning point where Hari switched from being the nonchalant boy to the ‘only’ boy in the room was when they spoke about how your 25th birthday is a pivotal point in a person’s life.  They talked the night away and before they knew it , they were holding hands (secretly behind their backs!).

Hari surprised Priya by messaging her on Facebook the very next day. The note was so thoughtful and articulate , she was really impressed! From then on, they spent a whole lot of time together, hanging out all the time and the conversation never ceasing!

The two of them had never really thought about marriage: it was Hari’s parents who planted the seed (Inception is what Hari calls it!) in his head, and once it was planted – Hari asked Priya to marry him almost everyday. One day, after Priya in her true style had analyzed the whole situation a  ‘few hundred and gazillion times’, she said yes! Hari kind of freaked out at that and realised it was about time he actually put some thought into it since he ‘never really thought this kind of inception would work’! As for Priya, she couldn’t think of a reason why she shouldn’t marry him, since she had never loved someone so much as she did him!

It’s a wonder we managed to make a note of all these things while talking to Hari &Priya- so immersed were we in this fantastic love story of theirs!

Thanks to our blackberry cum dictaphone, we managed to get the entire thing on tape!

Now, it’s time to talk about the wedding, question and answer style!

The Unreal Bride (aka T.U.B from here on): Tell us about your wedding!

Priya [P]: Now that it’s only a month and a half away, suddenly I’m feeling all jittery and nervous!
(This is a question we wanted to ask but Priya answered before we had a chance to…)

T.U.B: Your engagement should’ve given you a feel of what the wedding will be like?

P: We had a roka and an engagement but nothing compares to actually getting married!

Hari [H]: I don’t remember much of the engagement – it’s quite a blur!

T.U.B: Do you have a wedding planner to help you out?
P: For the wedding, we’re having separate functions but since my parents are not here – Hari’s parents have been a tremendous help. We travelled to Delhi together and they’ve been so helpful with everything. However, I’ve handled the finer details primarily on my own.

T.U.B: Its so nice to see a hands-on and involved bride since most brides just let other people make choices for them and don’t really know what’s happening. How are you balancing your job with all the wedding planning?
P: All the free time I have – which isn’t a lot; goes into wedding work.

Since I’m not much of a shopper, I never thought I would enjoy the process so much: shopping for the wedding has been fun!

The fact that decision making comes easily to me has really helped during the entire process because I know exactly what I want and don’t settle for less.

Also, it helps that even though the wedding is in November, I’ve been planning since March – so I’ve had plenty of time to go over every little detail without getting stressed out.

T.U.B: Have you guys done a lot of planning together?

P: We designed the cards together, which was fun! Hari’s input on decisions I take regarding the wedding is really helpful, and I really appreciate it.

T.U.B: Has everything gone according to plan, so far?
P: Initially, I had a very different idea of what I wanted the wedding to be. I wanted to get married in Goa or Kasauli, basically a destination wedding.
However, the logistics of it all just didn’t work out. My family is coming all the way from New Zealand and then to ask them to travel an extra bit to get to the wedding seemed kind of unfair. Also, our grandparents are old and cant travel and we felt really selfish causing all of this inconvenience to people who are most important to us. So, we’ve settled for having it here but we’ll still make it work and it will still be fantastic.

T.U.B: Are you having a full-fledged 5-day event?
P: We’re having two big parties; the wedding and the reception – everything else is small and low key and limited to only our closest friends and family.

Having too many big events is tiring and unnecessary, according to us. Actually, we would’ve been okay with just signing a contract and registering our marriage but our families and friends recommended we go through with a ceremony. They said we should go for the traditional Punjabi wedding and not miss out on the experience.

T.U.B: Are all your vendors local?
P: The photographers and videographers of the wedding were my top most priority and I found the people who could cater to my requirements in Delhi. The rest of the vendors are local.

T.U.B: Hari, will you be performing at your own wedding? (Hari is a musician- you can listen to his music here.)
H: No ones paying me so, no.
P: I offered to pay him double!!

T.U.B: In that case, is there someone special playing at your wedding?
P: Well..Uhmmm.. We do have something planned but don’t really want to talk about it – it’s a surprise!! You’ll have to come to the wedding and see!

T.U.B: We can’t wait! Are any friends or family members planning your bachelorette party or special performances for the wedding?
P: I’m sick of planning so I’m not going to take on more work for another event to add to all the others – maybe my sisters and friends will plan something for me! *Hint hint* sisters and friends, are you listening?

T.U.B: What is your top priority for the wedding?
P: I know I’m going to be really busy at the wedding, meeting family and friends so I just want to make sure everyone has a great time. I don’t want people to get bored so I want to throw the best party ever!
H: I really enjoyed the engagement! Of all the guests, I think ‘I’ had the most fun!
P: That, for me, was the best part; everyone had fun at the engagement.

I’ve already mentally prepared myself that the wedding is going to be a stressful time and I’d feel guilty if I was having a good time while everyone else runs around taking care of the guests. If I have fun that will be a bonus but, its not my top most priority.

T.U.B: What are your Honeymoon plans?
P: Africa is our first choice but we don’t know for sure as yet…
H: We know of a couple who went to Tanzania and they said it was amazing, so either there or South Africa…
P: Or Jordan, Greece or Turkey!

This husband and wife to-be have exciting travel plans and we’ll have to catch up with them once they return from their honeymoon to get the lowdown on that!

Meanwhile, the party has already begun with Hari and Priya’s guests from far and wide slowly trickling into the city starting this week. We had to let the two go for now but can’t wait for what will be a supremely cool wedding!

Priya’s wedding tips for all you out there planning a wedding!

Start planning WAY in advance- so you’re stress free throughout the process

♥ When you decide on your invitations, make sure you order enough extra cards lest your printer runs out of paper when the requirement arises.

♥ Details!! Details! Pay attention to the details!

♥ Involve your partner in decision-making.

♥ Don’t settle for anything less than what you really want.

♥     ♥      ♥

Text: April & Kismet

Photos: Bride’s own


6 Responses to “Interview with Priya&Hari”

  1. Good job !good interview , enjoyed reading it. The couple seems to have a really good grasp of their realationship and ready for the commitment . Goodluck to them and you. Keep up the good work and bring us more fun couples!!

  2. I love this article!!! I can’t wait to meet this man and share the special day with you both.

  3. David and I love the name Priya…it is on our baby name list. I loved the interview. Sound advice 🙂


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