Thursday Thoughts : Shagan Storage Solutions

At most Indian weddings there is this one carefully selected relative and a very large handbag (which doesn’t necessarily go with her outfit!). This relative (and the handbag) are planted for the sole purpose of stowing away envelopes filled with cash that will be thrust into the brides, grooms or immediate family members’ hands throughout the wedding. In India, we call this shagan – and this shagan money serves as a wedding present.

Perhaps this whole process needn’t to be so cumbersome – we found some creative solutions to the shagan storage problem.

As featured in DIY Wedding at the Smog Shoppe on Ruffled

Even though you might need an armed guard lurking around the table atop which you place these vintage looking boxes and cases or birdcages painted pretty colours and decorated with flowers – these ideas are beautiful as well as practical.

As featured in Romantic Malibu Ranch Wedding on Ruffled.

As featured in A Down Home BBQ Wedding on Ruffled

Not to mention, the aunty can leave the large handbag behind, slip on her dancing shoes and dance the night away just like everyone else.

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4 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts : Shagan Storage Solutions”

  1. Oooh love this round up of card holders! I think the first one was my fave – love the glittery, sprakely cards and the suitcase!



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