Behind The Scenes : Glam Girls Night Out!

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at an Unreal photoshoot?

Let me enlighten you- hours of make up and hair styling, lots of adjusting and re-adjusting of clothes and jewelry, constant contortioning by the hard working model, props popping in and out of frames, usually a list from 8 tracks playing in the background, some food for the weary team and unexpected hurdles along the way. Not very different from normal photo shoots, some would say, but I think you would understand what we mean by Unreal if you were there!! It’s hard to put into words!

As the shoot progresses, the stylist (that’s me!) ,the photographer (Kismet) , as well as the model all become increasingly light headed and delusional.


Unreal are us.



Model madness!



Fabulous Team!


As a result, as we wrap up the days work, we come away with some side splittingly funny dialogues, pictures that run into thousands and a royal MESS at the workplace – we always have SO much fun – we decided to share some exclusive sneak peek photos with all of you from our last shoot.


Our space



Slight of hand!



The crew


Watch this space for Part I and II of Glam Girls Night Out.


3 Responses to “Behind The Scenes : Glam Girls Night Out!”

  1. Post more of such sneak peeks. Its fun watching them 😀

  2. you all are having waaay toooo much fun!!! Great pictures!!


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