Thursday Thoughts: Custom Portraits

While looking for someone to design a header for our blog  , we focussed our search entirely within ETSY– a great place to buy and sell all things handmade! There are so many creative people out there and we thank Kajal for telling us about it, otherwise we might never have known!

While we did find our logo/header designer(look up) , we also came across alot of other cool artists – one especially cool artist is Nan Lawson.

What caught our eye at Nan’s shop were these awesome custom made portraits which we knew would be perfect for our Thursday Thought Section!

Custom made portrait.

Think about it- you’re newly married or you’ve just had a baby and you want something different to remember the time by? How awesome would it be to get a portrait like this- so original and unique? This is *almost* as cool as an Unreal Photo! [I know- slightly vain, but hey! we had to put it out there 🙂 ]

It’s a perfect present from the bride to the groom or the other way around, or for an anniversary !  You can find some more of her custom portraits here on her website.

Custom portrait by Nan

She does a whole lot of other stuff which is worth a look and if you are wondering why we are going on and on about her- its simply because we think her style is great!! And when her shop opens up again, we are going to be first in line for a custom portrait!

We love books!

and we love coffee!

If you want to see some more of her artwork , you can find her on facebook as well!

All artwork featured here belongs to the artist-Nan Lawson.


2 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts: Custom Portraits”

  1. ‘Love is a book and a light to read it by’

    So much love for that…


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