GlamGirls Night Out-I

Not too long ago, most weddings in India were traditionally conducted occasions where the focus was not really on the bride and groom, but ceremony and custom instead.

All of that is fast changing now, as friends of the couple are more and more involved and youth centric events like bachelor and bachelorette parties and pre parties kick start the merrymaking and festivities much before the actual wedding starts!

This post is all about the glamourous young Indian bride on a night out partying. At such an event, you’d most likely see the bride to be in a cocktail dress OR a traditional outfit. We decided to merge both design sensibilities and put her in a luxurious silk dress in a western style; accessorized with traditional Indian BLING!

Our model,(henceforth referred to as GlamGirl) had to run away to Italy the very next day but was super enthusiastic about being an Unreal Bride. So, we spent the entire day dressing her up and taking hundreds of photos.  We already showed you a glimpse of what was happening Behind the Scenes and are happy to finally share the finished post!

GlamGirl is decked out in a firey orange silk dress by Karen Millen. The uncut diamond necklace , earrings and elephant head bracelet are from Talwar Jewellers; who very kindly let us borrow some bling from their treasure chest of a store, which you can check out here.

We loaded her arm up with a variety of bangles, all from my personal collection. Some are from Talwar Jewellers, and others collected from all over the place.

The faux diamond and pearl ring is from Ashniki Jewels in Delhi and the Radha Krishna ring is from Curio Cottage in Mumbai. The tikka is my own.

The shoes she is wearing include classic Christian Louboutin platform pumps and peep- toe Jimmy Choos; both in striking gold patent leather.

Don’t you just LOVE our fabulous set?!

The beautiful disco balls are from Kismet and Nitins own engagement party, photos of which we shared here!

We figured we needed some professional help in the hair and make up department so we called upon a friend of ours who we assumed was a professional make up artist. Funnily enough, only after she had completed GlamGirls look, she confessed to us that I had it all wrong and she is infact a certified cosmetologist – something that is quite different from a make up artist! Despite that, she did an amazing job and we’d love it if she’d be here for every shoot!

In addition to the three of us ,we had two very enthusiastic boys around who made themselves useful as spot boys, set directors, assistants to the stylist and photographer and then assumed the role of guest photographers!

We hope you enjoy this little detour we’ve taken from the traditional Indian wedding look!

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We got so many pictures in one day that we’ll be showing them to you over two posts of our own, and one guest post by Nitin Sarin. GlamGirls Night Out Part II and III will be on the blog soon!

Text and Styling : April Sher Bhaika

Photography : Kismet Jewell Nakai

Make up  and Hair Styling : Deepali Varma

The boys : Nitin Sarin and Iqroop Singh Sekhon


15 Comments to “GlamGirls Night Out-I”

  1. The pictures look all the more adorable with the description alongside.Its fun to read the description side by side, actually gives them a life !! and yeah, i loved the set 😉

  2. Fantastic photography and novel idea , well done Glam Girl and the rest of the team ! Would like to see Kismet Jewell Nakai modeling one day. What about a new look for the Unreal Bride in a sari ?
    Looking forward to Glam Girls Night Out part 1 and 2 .

  3. You girls rock!!!

  4. An absolutely stunning array of pictures!! The jewelry is fabulous and the model glamorous, the disco balls add just the right amount of oomph to the photoshoot–you girls are going places I assure you!

  5. indulgent, opulent…beautiful — everything a bride should be. very original idea, trendsetting! Love the tikka on her. Beautiful shots and glamgirl is gorgeous!

  6. Glam indeed! Love how exquisite everything looks! From the jewelry, fab dress and golden shoes…perfect! Great shoot!
    Can you tell where are the pieces from? 🙂

  7. glam doesnt necessarily mean overloading with make up and jewellery,gurls!!

    All in all a good effort though!

  8. I agree,the tikka is completely unnecessary.Makes her tiny face looks loaded with metal!!
    Besides I think different a slightly more color matching shoes would go better…gold is looking bizzare…

  9. no! least nice post so far :/
    she looks great in the first pic but how is she sitting?! not the best pose to strike in that silk i’d say
    and tikka was completely unnecessary/ doesn’t go/out of place

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