Thursday Thoughts : Favourable Favours

With Indian weather the way it is – the winter months are a mad rush of activity. Weddings, festivals, holidays – they all come together like a windfall of good cheer, rich food, parties, presents, more parties, high spirits, lots of meeting and greeting and even more parties.

Regardless of who you are or who you know, it is a given that your house will be flooded with all types of greeting cards, Diwali presents and of course, many wedding invitations.

I, for one, am always excited to open up the decorative box that accompanies invitations. Everytime I open one, I feel like I might just find something imaginative, creative or just plain different. I’m saddened to report that I’m rarely overjoyed to see the contents.

Dry fruit? Really? Don’t get me wrong. I know its traditional and all that and probably costs the earth to send out to hundreds of invitees but in this new, creative, artistic and innovative world order is there nothing more extraordinary that we can do??

I know I write this piece at the risk of being harshly scratched off many-a-list but without fearing the consequences i must say this – I have nothing against mithai, but gigantic laddoos are a big no no – pun intended.

Via CookSister

Fact remains that some people dont ‘want’ to do things differently and I don’t mean to offend anyone – but, if you’re one of the few who do want to make their invitations memorable, we have a few pointers.

A couple of wedding invitations have stood out in my mind as particularly nice. Among these was a box of fig chocolate – how cool!

Then there was a box that contained a disposable camera – for use at the wedding, and a cd of music that we could expect to hear at the sangeet!

Sadly, that’s it folks – in the time span of a quarter of a century, only ‘two’ invitations made it to my long term memory.

Here are our ideas :

1. Homemade (or made in someone elses home) fruit preserve or marmalade.

Via Ruffled Blog

2. Jars of organic honey

Via Ruffled Blog

3. Personalized shot glasses

4. Cake pops

Via Just a Bite Cake Pops

5. Cupcakes

Via Wedding Ideas

6. Packet of seeds of your favourite plant or even a tree!

Via Ruffled Blog

7. Marshmallows

S’more kit courtesy: Shim and Sons

I have to add this even though my mother said a firm NO when I suggested it,

8. Chilly pickle

If I was to get any of the above with an invitation card I would

a) be overjoyed

b) thank the gods I have such cool friends

c) definitely attend the wedding – and isn’t that the whole point after all?

A post on how to package these favours prettily is coming up soon! Stay tuned. Over and out.

*Fresh Ideas every Thursday!*


3 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts : Favourable Favours”

  1. oh man! i had a difficult time convincing my parents that wedding favors would be something homemade and not ladoos and 1 kg boxes of mithai. success at last, though! it will be something sweet made by us, since we love to cook and bake and are foodies.

    i absolutely love your website and wish you ladies much success!

    btw – you had me at chilly pickle! 🙂

    • Persistence pays off, Maya! Well done! And nothing is better than home-made goodness! Send us a picture when you do make them- we would love to see.
      And thank you for your lovely words! Can we send you some CHILLY PICKLE?!


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