GlamGirls Night Out- II

GlamGirl is back! I think we have mentioned it umpteen times that we were having such an awesome time at the shoot that we didn’t want it to end. So, we put all other issues aside (like impending flights to Italy ) and got GlamGirl to do a quick outfit change. It wasn’t so quick but we like to think it was!

We put her in a cute little green dress which I bought at this adorable boutique called Leluu on Carnaby street, London.

The gorgeous greeney blue smokey eyes in these photos have been created using the fantastic Laguna eyeshadow palette by Dolce and Gabbana. I highly recommend it – it suits the Indian skin tone, is long lasting and so beautiful!

The bird-in-flight brooch holding her hair back is from Unicorn at Vintage Modes, Grays Antiques – we mentioned the lovely Lola in a previous post here.  The feather we stuck behind it was found floating around the set and matched perfectly so we used it!

The earrings and necklace have rare, natural Basra pearls set in a delicate Jadau design and are what my mother wore for her wedding.

We wanted the shoes to be a fun contrasting colour instead of plain gold; the pink, satin, t-strap sandals she’s wearing are Feerique by Louis Vuitton 2006-07.

This brings us to the end of GlamGirls Night out. Oh no! Wait!! We have yet another post coming from Nitin who managed to get a few shots whenever Kismet allowed him to!

We did this shoot on a Saturday and we all felt like we had gone out for a real bachelorette by the end of it and spent Saturday night lying down and watching T.V.

Thanks to our lovely model yet again, she was just so fab – I can’t get over it!

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Text :April Sher Bhaika

Photographs: Kismet Jewell Nakai

Model: A Girl

Make-up & hair : Deepali Verma

The Boys : Iqroop and Nitin


5 Responses to “GlamGirls Night Out- II”

  1. Absolutely in love with your blog… love!

  2. Another treat for the eyes girls!!! You are soooo gooood !

  3. Hi!
    Just wanted to say you guys do an Amazing job..
    From the dressing up an unreal bride-photo shoot to the text..
    its a treat to read your post..
    its awesome consistently..
    good luck to you guys!
    n way to go 🙂


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