Thursday Thoughts: Doggy Delicious

Its not so much about an idea this time, but just a thought! Coming from two people (that’s us) who absolutely adore their dogs and whose lives revolve around them- the thought doesn’t seem so odd. So, the question for all you animal lovers out there- would you include your dog/ cat/ hamster/ snake / rabbit in your wedding?

I know you all are thinking that’s bizarre and totally unfeasible. But, we don’t think so! And the feeling is quite universal.

We asked our friends on twitter the same question and all the replies we got were positive. They all would like to (or had) involved their pets in their wedding.

I mean, I know I consider my dogs as integral parts of the family and really, when I think about it- how can we not include them in the fun? Though, I would highly recommend someone to take charge of them if they are a bit hyper and still puppies! We don’t want them to be chasing the poor aunty with the ugly shagan bag because they think it (the bag) is a potential companion!

Here are some photos we found where dogs have been used as ring-bearers in the wedding ceremony or involved in the engagement photo-sessions .

The seating chart was compiled of all of the couple’s friends dogs and each table was named accordingly, with the dogs pictures in frames in the center of each table.

Via GreyLikesWeddings


Via Ruffled Blog


Via LaBelleBride

How can you not love these people!?


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3 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts: Doggy Delicious”

  1. Great idea, enjoyed the post! In fact, we like the idea so much that we are starting a blog devoted to “Dogs in Weddings”. We are calling it Vow-wow-wow. We are not ready to launch yet, but should be soon, and we’d love to link to you. I’m saving your URL and will let you know when we are open to the public.


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