Thursday Thoughts : Ideal Invitations !

Today has been SUCH a busy day – we just finished off a photo shoot with the boys from HDegree for an ad campaign for this new shop in town- Loft in Space (cool name , huh?) . Anyway, we were there all day and have been prepping for it the last couple of days and our Thursday Thoughts kind of took a back seat! That’s why we are so late in the day posting this!

This week we decided to show you some of the beyond-gorgeous invitations we have seen in the World of Wedding Blogs! We couldn’t fit everything out there in this one post so we have chosen a few for you to check out.

The first set of pictures are handmade cards we found on Love and Lavender of Jodi and Kurt’s wedding .We spoke about Jodi Miller earlier  on the blog here .The cameos are what struck us as so original-and all the little details like the map being designed by the grooms brother in law  just make these so special. We especially love the little cd in it with a cute stop motion film!

Each invitation had a cd included with a cute stop motion film made by Jodi & Kurt.

Via Love and Lavender

We found this planter’s wheel invitations on iDiY and thought it is such a clever idea !

You can find these wedding wheel invitation templates on etsy .   You would definitely stand out of the crowd if you send out invitations like these!

If you are looking for something simple and elegant, we saw this invite on Glamour and Grace and out of the lot loved the ones with the elephants on it! Now, why hasn’t someone thought of that before!

Speaking of different and original invitations- just today I came across an AMAZING invitation. The friend who received it (Thanks Pablo) called me over to check it out and it was so fascinating that I couldn’t help but take some photos of it – so all of you could have a looksie as well. I will post it in a couple of days- you will have to wait for it! Got to love wedding season especially in India to get all sorts of invitations for the hundreds of weddings that take place in these few months.

Speaking of which, I got to go ready- I have a wedding to attend! xx

*Fresh Inspiration Every Thursday!*


7 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts : Ideal Invitations !”

  1. The planter’s wheel tickles me fancy… lol

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wheel invitation. I am seriously considering using it for my invites.

  3. the invites are soo beautiful and simple and very smart too!!!! LOVE IT


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