Sukh Sukhiyaan : boldly going where no shagan box has gone before 

Rehat Brar, a young entrepreneur working out of our very own Chandiville, has a strong background in art and design and is a graduate of the Government College of Art in Sector 10.

Inspired by old photographs and her love for weddings, she decided to apply her design skills to create custom designed shagan, trousseau and gift packaging.

A new venture for her, Sukh Sukhiyaan is barely a few months old but Rehat is already swamped with orders!

At her workshop, she strives to meet the specifications of every client and although she has samples of themes and colours ready – every order is custom made and unique.

Theres an interesting story behind the name of her business. Rehat wanted a very punjabi name – synonymous with the rich culture of the region and had originally planned on calling it ‘Dhuron Peya Sanjog’ which translates to ‘Marriages are made in heaven’ but then realized that she wants to make all kinds of presents look pretty and not just those meant for weddings! Her younger brother who’s only eight, by the way, then suggested she call it Sukh Sukhiyaan which in English stands for that single important wish we make over and over again .

In an era where custom and heritage is quickly slipping away, its refreshing and comforting to know that young talented people like her understand the beauty in simplicity and old world class and are presenting it in new and stylish ways.

If you want to know more about Rehat, you can have a look at her facebook page here or we can help you get in touch with her.

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6 Comments to “Sukh Sukhiyaan : boldly going where no shagan box has gone before 

  1. I am coming to India for my brother -in-law’s wedding in November.
    Could you inbox me her address and contact number.

    She has done some wonderful work.


  2. So pretty and so different! love it!

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