Thursday Thoughts : ♥ Photo Love ♥

Inspiration is the keyword and reason behind The Unreal Bride. It was when we saw so many amazing photographs out there that we realised , this is what is missing in the Indian wedding scenario. Here is just a sample of  some really amazing photographs from various love-shoots, engagement shoots and wedding shoots. We will keep sharing more photos with you but here is the first lot and trust me , you will love them!

Photo by Simon Fazackarley via Ruffled

Via Ruffled


Via Brancopatra


Via Beyond Beyond


A vintage inspired shoot by Clayton Austin also from Ruffled (yes! we LOVE Ruffled! )


Photos by Lev Kuperman Via BrooklynBride


That’s all for now, but click on the links to go and see some more amazing work by these talented people (and wait for our very own couple shoot coming any day now! YAY!! ).


* Fresh Inspiration Every Thursday! *




8 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts : ♥ Photo Love ♥”

  1. I love these photos…really ain’t love grand? 🙂

  2. Ohhhhhhh thank you thank you thank you!! We are so proud to be in this gorgeous round up!!

  3. Inspirational Photos. I. Love. This. 🙂


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