Thursday Thoughts : Make every guest a photographer!

Too many photographers spoil the broth? Not always! At a wedding, there are always so many candid moments that flit by unrecorded! Make every guest at your party a photographer by  handing out disposable cameras and letting them take photos as well!

Photo courtesy Love the Schultzes via Postcards and Pretties


ORRR you set up a snap station like this one we saw over on Landlocked Bride . It would mean a little hard work to collect the different kind of cameras and set them up and stuff, or if you are lucky – your Uncle who collects old cameras would love to let you use them on your wedding day and all your problems will be solved! The basic idea is to have a place to keep these cameras where people can go pick them up, take photos and put them back once they are done taking photos. It’s the best way to get candid shots as long as they don’t get in the way of the wedding photographer!

Brides Cafe Via Landlocked Bride

At the end of the evening, once all the cameras are collected and photos printed- in addition to your main wedding album, you’ll also have fun documentation of your guests’ experience at the wedding(read:many drunken photos)!!


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2 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts : Make every guest a photographer!”

  1. I would definitely hope that my guests will snap photos and we will make available cameras for them to do so. I really love the idea of a photo station, that’s for sure!


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