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December 30, 2010

Thursday Purseday : Lovely Loot!

The Anya Hindmarch canvas shopper – perfect to stow your ‘loot’ on days out shopping with the girls!

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December 28, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday : Valentine Valentino

Photo credit Net-a-Porter

From the same collection as the Rockstud Lace purse we featured here, are these lovely lizard and nude leather, studded t-strap sandals by Valentino. How nice would it be to get these as a valentines day present? *hint hint*  Cannot wait for springtime!

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December 24, 2010

Photobooth : {LOVE} Sam & Richie

‘Super excited’ explains perfectly what we felt  when Jessica asked us to cover her cousins ‘before the wedding’ party! Like the perfect customer, she gave us enough time to plan and figure things out which gave us the opportunity to actually make our FIRST photo booth (so many firsts on the blog these days!) ! It is something April and I have spoken about many  a time- the photo booth is the way to go especially at a party where madness is guaranteed! I had to leave for a work trip so April was left to make the back drop (ribbons were what we decided on).  Little did we know that ,it may look pretty to have a ribbon back drop but it is by no means EASY to make ! First, the cost of ribbons (yes! we take for granted these pieces of pretty string things!They COST!) and then actually putting them together to make the back drop. This is where April gets full marks in resourcefulness (she raided her mums boutique and found tonnes of ribbon there), patience (the ribbons were less than half an inch wide), creativity (weaving together the ribbons) and balance (standing on a stool in the bathroom using the shower curtain rod to weave the ribbon curtain)! I’d have given up about two minutes into the process. Alright, I must stop talking about us and talk about the couple but this being our first photo booth experience, I needed to share it with all of you! Clearly, I am sharing too much!

Onto the fabulous couple- Sam and Richie! Sorry Sam, I can’t use your real name- it just doesn’t feel right when I type it 😀 ! The added bonus of being at this party was of course the fact that we know both the bride and the groom quite well and knew what to look forward to. It was an awesome party- with so many friends and family from all over the world, and well so much…LOVE! I will let the photographs speak for themselves!

The bride and the groom! Can you feel the love?!

The necessities: Blackberry, friends and of course family!

What happens when the bride doesn’t weigh much?


The bride got a ‘special’ dance too which we can’t share with you here,unfortunately! You can use your imagination for that !

Away from the photobooth, people danced,ate and DANCED ! Oh, and continued to work the camera!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The fact that this song played in my head the entire time I was processing the photos should come as no surprise to the bride and her friends! Since it was pretty much the only song I heard while taking the photographs as well!


So, what did you think? Did you like the photographs?

We covered the wedding as well, but for those photos you will have to wait a while!

Oh, and Merry Christmas !!

December 23, 2010

Thursday Thoughts: Heady over Headpieces Our first guest-post ever!! 

Today is a VERY exciting day for The Unreal Bride-it feels like we have crossed another milestone in the blogging world! What is even more exciting is that we are getting to take this step with a very special person! So, for all of you wondering what I am going on about, I shall not make you wait any longer. Today is the day we put up our very FIRST guest blog!  And writing for us is Stephanie who is such an awesome person and becoming a great friend- I could go on and on writing about her but perhaps, I will have to write a separate post about that! You can go to her blog and get to know her better- .Before I let Steph take over, I just want to say that this is kind of in continuation to our last weeks Thursday Thoughts on headpieces. Alright, enough from me- here’s Steph:


So on my first guest post for The Unreal Bride, I thought I’d bring to you some prettiness from New Zealand. But before I talk about pretty things, it is important I mention how and why I am here writing today.
I met Kismet on Twitter and she is one of these amazing friendships I created thanks to being a bride and passionate about wedding, beautiful events and photography. Chatting with Kis is fun and I hope to have many more years of chats and collaborations on and off Twitter – so thank you so much for the honour of being your first guest blogger.


Right! Onto those pretty things.

One of the biggest decisions a bride makes for her wedding day is the dress! And often we disregard as a bride the ways we could add to our outfit and most importantly how much of a statement a headpiece could make.

Today, I wish to feature NZ gown designer Rebecca Iona who has been designing wedding dresses for 12 years. She is young and super talented and says designing headpieces is the perfect outlet to let her creativity lose! And what a result.

Rebecca says, “I create couture one off wedding gowns and I am known for my extreme detailing.  It has been through the love for the beading and finishing of the gowns that has lead me to a love for headpieces as I can lose myself in small details but also unleash my creativity! Every piece inspires me in a different way… however I guess the common thread is that I like to think slightly outside of the box and create unique piece, always keeping a very romantic whimsical feeling.”

I am convinced Rebecca has done just that: stunning headpieces, unique yet romantic. Which one is your favourite?

If you wish to get a hand on one of those, you can find Rebecca on her online store in NZ (a local etsy) and soon on etsy.

Credits [for the photos]
Headpieces: Rebecca Iona from Auleilei Bride
Photography: Belinda from Smash Photography

Steph is a French bride-to-be (two months to go till the big day) living in beautiful New Zealand who writes her own inspiration blog as well as does videography and photography. Check out her work on

P.S. It’s me (Kismet) again- I just wanted to thank Stephanie for taking time out of her hectic days to write this post for us and we hope she will come back over and over to guest blog for us! THANK YOU!

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December 23, 2010

Thursday Purseday:The Travelling Bag

Off for your winter vacation? Take one of these lovelies with you!

Via Fashiolista

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