Maya: Paint, Paper, Perfection 

In a little town like ours where people are constantly complaining about lack of things to do and of boredom, its awesome to find someone who is actually being productive and making good use of their time (between work and other ‘domestic’ things) . This is where I introduce Maya- not only the artist featured in this post but also a very busy lady working on disability related projects as well as a really cool fine art photographer (Yes, Maya I just categorised you).

I always knew Maya was really creative and artistic, but in all the madness of growing up (I’ve only known her forever)- it went unnoticed. Till we -Maya,Simar and I created our own photography blog called the Three Sides and I saw how artistically inclined Maya really was- right from her photographs to the cards that she had been making in her spare time.

{Sidenote: The  Three Sides are particularly fond of doughnuts and when we all were around the age of ten, we tried very hard to make doughnuts and those were very VERY far away from beautiful, so it was nice to see that we could make other pretty things like photographs.The never-ending doughnuts were just the beginning of something else.But that’s another story.}

Right! The first set of cards I saw had these dragonflies made on them and I LOVED them- so I asked if we could feature her on the blog .


She quickly whipped up some wedding related cards like ‘tie the knot’ and ‘save the date’ cards .

I am going to ignore the initials she has used on them! At least I feel like I inspired her on some level!



These cards make me happy because they remind me of the beach (and perfect to send out as save-the-dates for a beach wedding!)


Or how about for a garden wedding? Or a bridal shower? These are PERFECT!


Butterflies just make me happy!!



Nice stuff, right? Want to get in touch with Maya? Send us an email at and we will happily put you in touch with her. These are some of her designs (she just told me she has some new ones which we will feature at a later time) but she is happy to incorporate any of your ideas into the cards as well. Oh, and most (if not all?) of the cards are made on handmade paper!




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


*Wonderful Wedding Vendors*



5 Responses to “Maya: Paint, Paper, Perfection 

  1. Hey,
    The cards are so earthy and pretty. Maya seems ‘naturally’ gifted, really. Kudos to Unreal Bride for bringing to us talented people from the city we don’t know. Keep it up ladies!

  2. love the sea horses, but i told u before. all very very pretty in a very simple kinda way. plus the last 2 fotos before the slideshow… so nice

  3. go maya! i love love the styling for the beachy cards. i mean, how cute was that..


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