Thursday Thoughts: Hello to Headpieces!

We have been thinking of doing a Thursday Thought on headpieces for quite a while now but I think because of it not being very Indian-y, we have hesitated . Not saying that Indian brides don’t wear headpieces because what else would you call a Tikka or  Jhoomar ? Nothing can quite compare to these traditional beauties but sometimes, you just got to think out of the box- get a little UNREAL!

The sangeet  (when all the major dancing and madness happens) is the perfect time to flaunt something different- take a little chance to do something no one has quite done before!

The other night during my Twitter rounds, I came across  Naomi’s fabulous giveaway on her site (which I’m secretly hoping I win & will be long time finished by the time we post this) where she featured A La Parisienne’s handmade flowers which can be used as a brooch or even worn in your hair. I’m thinking the latter would make the perfect headpiece which is subtle yet so gorgeous! It would definitely turn around the entire look of your outfit!

Photo via Enchanted Dream Weddings


This next headpiece is  so so gorgeous  (as is the bride-love the hair!) !! It’s such a detailed piece but is nowhere over the top which adds to its awesomeness! If you want to see more photos from this wedding, which I think you should- head over to Green Wedding Shoes .

Photo by Brantley Gutierrez via Green Wedding Shoes


What do you think? Are you going to get unreal with your headpiece at your wedding? I think you should! If you need some help , email us- April could totally hook you up with something cool!!

* Fresh Ideas Every Thursday! *


7 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts: Hello to Headpieces!”

  1. LOVE IT!!! I am in India!! Did you notice you won the stationery set? Cool xoxo!!

  2. Im sure ull love this Blog…Its o-so-cute..!:-)


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