A box, with love.

A wedding invitation is the first taste of what the actual event is going to be like and we cant stress enough how important it is to get it right.We’ve talked quite a bit about invitations earlier, here and here .

We’ve been on the look out for interesting wedding invitations this season and this one from Akshay and Saanya’s wedding definitely makes the cut for ‘interesting’. The invitation we’ve featured today is from Saanya’s family and even though the grooms invitation was equally interesting we didn’t manage to get any photographs. However, we can’t neglect to mention that the delectable chocolate that came from the grooms very own TOY Hotel was all we ate at the Loft in Space shoot.

Ok must focus now! The card. Even though, some might think it’s quite large and complicated – it’s been designed with a lot of taste and is anything but gawdy!

First, a big shopping bag arrives at your doorstep.

It took some serious navigational skills to get to what’s inside the box! The next few pictures are pretty self explanatory – a ribbon pulls out the actual card ,but the real treats sit prettily within four tins ,in a big drawer!

A lot of Indian invitation cards tend to have motifs and colours that are typical of Indian weddings – red, pink, saffron.What we particularly like about this invitation is that its all white – elegant, clean lines and subtle motifs.

Four different types of mithai, each a different flavour, and presented in a way that brings to mind three tier dessert stands! So cute. Full points for creativity!

“Love begins in a moment, grows over time and lasts for eternity”

Of course, words make everything a little more special.

Sometimes we dont give our friends due credit for being so involved in The Unreal Bride and not only regularly checking back to see what’s new on the blog but also giving us advice on things we’ve never heard of like ‘google spiders’ – thanks Aditi! Or even ideas for new posts – like this one – thanks Panda! And in general, lots of love and support.

The effect that this box has on us is quite evident since we’re all mushy now and feeling a lot of love (and a little bit of hunger!) in the office.

We leave you with this yummy picture of – we dont quite know what to call it – pistachio tart tower (?) while we rummage through the office kitchen looking for a snack!

Card design : The Entertainment Design Company

Text : April Sher Bhaika

Photographs : Kismet Jewell Nakai

Feature Inspiration : Raghav Rai  a.k.a  Panda


12 Responses to “A box, with love.”

  1. Do you have the contact information for the company that made these? The link does not work. Thanks so much! These are beautiful!

  2. ok i clearly did not see the end credits!!!!

  3. this si gorgeous… would you happen to know who were the vendor’s for this ???

  4. very nice!

  5. That is seriously gorgeous. I love the packaging it is beautiful!

  6. Wow that’s amazing… beautiful presentation!


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