Thursday Thoughts: Musical sheets

Isn’t there something about sheet music that’s just so pretty and fascinating?! I don’t understand it and don’t know to read it but  still wouldn’t mind staring at it for hours and hours!  The language of music!

{Side note: I dream of covering an entire wall in my room with sheet music but first I need to find some and I don’t know where to go (anyone with contacts for sheet music-let me know!! ) !}

Today is Thursday Thoughts day and we have to admit since the new year, things have been pretty slow at the office- don’t know whether it’s the weather or it’s still being in beach holiday mode, but we have been moving at a snails pace! Same thing with todays Thursday Thoughts -not like we didn’t have time to write, but we utilised it in making some yummy broccoli soup instead! Got to keep the insides warm!

So, with my cup of hot (and pretty delish soup if I can say so myself!) , I was going through the daily news in Twitter land and came across this silhouette and sheet music paddle DIY project on The Knotty Bride’s blog .


It gave me the inspiration I was looking for! Here are some fun ideas of what to do with sheet music !!

Ofcourse using it as wrapping paper is pretty much a no-brainer but if you haven’t thought of it before, think now.

Via Paper Crave


These paper flowers are my personal favourite and have been trying long and hard to find a reason to fit them in a post and finally I have it! So here they are!!

Via Simply and Forever and Merriment Events

I don’t think this post would be complete without this awesome inspiration board I found over on the Boho Bride’s blog-

Click here to find out the sources of these photos.

Finally, how about some heart shaped confetti made from music sheets? So you can bid farewell to the bride and groom on a very hearty note by showering them with this ?! {How cheesy was that?SORRY! I couldn’t help myself!}

Via Fifties Wedding


There you have it! Our first Thursday Thought for 2011 ! Yipee! Hope the year will be as magical as it will be musical!

*Fresh Ideas Every Thursday!!*


5 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts: Musical sheets”

  1. Thank you so much for including my silhouette and sheet music paddles picture! Sheet music is a definite favorite of mine as well. That sounds like an amazing idea, to cover one of your walls in sheet music! You should do it, I’d love to see! I bought my sheet music at a local antique store. But a better option might be Etsy (depending on the antique stores you have in your area & if they carry stuff like this). Just go to Etsy and search for sheet music under vintage items. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for, probably for some great prices. Ebay would be another option but I like Etsy better. 🙂

  2. Always loved the romance of sheet music… for some reason I always think of it as being classical even though I know it’s not. Can use for some cute invite ideas too!!

  3. This is very cute… Definitely good little ideas for anyone wanting music in their wedding 🙂


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