Tuesday Shoesday : Moonwalk

Going to the moon? Which one would you wear?


Alejandro Ingelmo


Or this—


Arnoldo & Battois

Both images via Shoelust


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10 Responses to “Tuesday Shoesday : Moonwalk”

  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. Oh WOW they are gorgeous!!! Both of them!

  3. I’d wear the first one…. if I could lounge on a chaise all day, have someone cater to my every need and not have to walk anywhere!! Sounds good to me!

  4. I would go with the first one. Although either way I’d have to crawl on the moon as I’d never be able to walk in those!

  5. These are cah-raaaaaaaazy! I would absolutely wear them, as long as it was to an event where I would be mostly sitting down! I’m quite sure I would face-plant after taking 5 steps in these.

  6. Hahahaaa! You are too funny! Hmmmm, you know, never thought about it, but seeing my options I think I’ll go w/ the first one!!

  7. I would rock the first one…with nothing but my birthday suit….love it!

  8. I would wear Alejandros without a doubt 😀 LOVE! hahahaa – great post kismet! ❤

  9. Wow… I am really not sure I could ever ever wear that!! 🙂 but wow hahaha


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