Thursday Thoughts : Tentilicious!

Have you ever attended an Indian wedding where there was no tent? I doubt you answered that in the affirmative! Tenting, just like everything else in the Indian wedding industry has come a long way from the haphazard white, yellow and red basic tents that were constructed back in the 80’s and 90’s. Sometime in the new millenium tents became  a whole lot fancier.

Not only is tenting important to make your venue beautiful – its also essential to the kind of photographs you’ll have of the wedding celebrations! Thats just how we think – its always about the photos. We came across these gorgeous tenting ideas that we couldn’t ‘not’ share with you.

Via Merriment Events


This would be ideal for the afternoon mehendi session- so festive and pretty.


How about if Indian weddings had sit down lunches and dinners-wouldn’t this setting be ideal? Look at the details- the tents are really DELICIOUS!


Via Exquisite Events

Everything put together makes the setting even more special- the tent, the choice of lights, the table setting, the chair dresses (aren’t they so pretty in this photo?) – it all adds up! So pay extra attention to all these details if you want your wedding to be extra special!


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3 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts : Tentilicious!”

  1. I am in love with all of these tents! I adore tents with a gorgeous hand-painted pattern – these are all so magical! {A}

  2. I just lurrrve these tents, especially the first two. I wish someone would hurry up and invite me to an Indian wedding 🙂 I have my case packed and ready to go…


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