I have been dreaming of letters and packages in the mail ever since I chatted with Autumn (of The Paper Couturiere) and Stephanie (of BubbleRock who also wrote our first guest post here!) about becoming pen pals the good ol’fashioned way ! Autumn also came up with a great idea called The HandWritten Brigade which you can read all about here. We are all in a bit of disgrace for not having sent out our letters yet but I know it will happen soon- so much hecticness and so little time! Anyway, I kinda veered off the topic, didn’t I?

Right.So I was saying- packages in the mail make me happy and who knew that one sunny afternoon I would actually receive a nicely packed (brown paper) package  from Tracy Ruscansky who lives all the way in New Jersey? I mean I knew I would, but when I got it – I was SO excited, I had to refrain from tearing it apart so that I could get some photographs of it to share the excitement with all of you.

Many of you may be wondering how I came to receive this package. Wonder of wonders! I was lucky enough to win a give-away! I didn’t think I would EVER win a give-away and that to on Naomi’s blog! But I did! Naomi was celebrating her blogs anniversary and had  many giveaways that week (I entered each of them!)- one of them being stationery designed by Tracy at Simply Stated Designs. Considering I love stationery and call myself a collector  (the many diaries/pens/cards I have stashed away in my desk are a good example of this obsession love I have for stationery! ) , this was the perfect thing to win!

The Hello Note Cards are so elegant, simple and PERFECT and I think I am going to have a really tough time actually using them.

And the happy camper who won these awesome cards!

Thank you Naomi and Tracy for making my day!!!

To see more of Tracy’s work, check out her etsy shop and find her on twitter here.

You will be hearing a lot more from Naomi on this blog soon but till then go look at her awesome website Enchanted Dream Weddings and follow her on Twitter here.


5 Responses to “Hello!!”

  1. AWESOME Love….big hug & kiss allllllllll the way from San Diego, CA ! Aren’t those cards fab?

  2. Its a wonderful feeling . Even I got a greeting card last week from a friend in Paris . Felt great to hold the actual card rather than all those e-cards we get in today’s time.

  3. HELLO

    what sweet cards… I love the pic of you with the card awesome


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