Spreading the Love, Asha Veza Style

Valentine’s weekend just got better for us and for you !

What do you think of this as a gorgeous and unique alternative to a wedding gown?  It’s one of a kind…yup, only one exists – and ever will – in the world! Pretty unreal right?!!

Actually, why save it for your wedding? Although stunning, it’s made of jersey (with silk detailing) and crazy-comfortable.

(Wish we had close – ups of the detailing to share with you guys but that will have to wait till I visit Brooklyn and get some shots myself! :D)

And if being glamorous, distinctive and comfy isn’t enough…how about this – in owning and wearing this design, you are actually promoting social justice and the alleviation of poverty.  Made in Bosnia Herzegovina, it’s part of an exclusive collection of designs at Asha Veza where “100% of the profits generated funds programmes providing skills training & material support to economically & socially vulnerable women”.

Now that’s what I call spreading the love… Happy Valentine’s (almost!) !! ❤❤

Asha Veza is  located in Brooklyn and you can find them on Facebook or check out their blog here.


2 Comments to “Spreading the Love, Asha Veza Style”

  1. Well now this is just incredible! I can totally see a bride donning this for their sandy beach nuptials…or for a bohemian {eclectic} wedding in the woods. Quite cool!

  2. Fantastic cause and fantastic frock! Women will rule the world one day…I mean out in the open…because we already do!

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