{Real Wedding} : Sam & Richie – Part One

Happy is what we are to post this wedding today!Absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day!

This wedding is special for so many reasons. For one, it is our first REAL wedding being featured here on The Unreal Bride *hoot hoot*. Then, it’s a wedding close to home- we have grown up together- it was pretty surreal Sam was getting married- imagine photographing it! There are a hundred other reasons why it was so special- the bride being absolutely fabulous, looking so gorgeous and  radiant. She was raring to go and get married- the wait was killing her not because she was nervous but because she could NOT wait any longer! Oh, the love!

Before the actual wedding ceremony, we spent some time with Sam and her friends –

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for  any consequences due to the bride’s infectious smile and spunk.


Stay tuned for  the second part of this post- the actual wedding! You are just going to have to wait for it (not too long, just a couple of hours!)…In case you missed it , we posted photographs from Sam & Richies photo-booth on the blog too.

Oh! and what is even more exciting is that you can see this wedding over on Enchanted Dream Weddings later today! We are just waiting for time to catch up 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!


5 Responses to “{Real Wedding} : Sam & Richie – Part One”

  1. Gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see more… the colours are just so pretty!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Bet the dress weighed more than she does, but when it comes to Sam – the spunk and the Blackberry will never part ways with her.

  3. She is such a beautiful bride!! and you have captured all these precious moments so perfectly!


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