{ Real Wedding } Sam & Richie: Part II

I know I promised you the next post in just a couple of hours yesterday, but time just zipped past and before I knew it- it was the next day! Am not going to make any more excuses because I suck at it so let’s just go straight into checking out the photographs of the wedding ceremony.

We posted pictures of when we hung out with the bride before the wedding ceremony yesterday – in case you missed it -you can check them out here. It was a really special Valentine’s day post and you all were a super audience- we broke all view records yesterday! We also got featured by lovely Naomi on her blog-Enchanted Dream Weddings which made us feel extra cool!

You can be sure to see a lot of colour at any Indian wedding but more often than not, the colours can make  you wish you had some blinders on to shield you from all the bling and gaudiness! Not this wedding, though. The soft pink tones make you feel like you are in a dream of some sort- the bride and groom blending so perfectly- him with his cream achkan and her with a beautiful pink salwar kameez (which we were happy to note wasn’t 50 kgs heavy !). The guests seemed to have had the same idea (collective unconsciousness,perhaps?) and just added to the gorgeousness !How cool are the splashes of blue and yellow amongst the crowd-and the sea of turbans!

I especially loved that the wedding was at home , in the backyard- so old school !!

And with that- Sam and Richie were married!! Here’s wishing you a lifetime of happiness, cookies and tea together! ❤❤

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Go to our Facebook page to check out all the photographs from the wedding!



7 Responses to “{ Real Wedding } Sam & Richie: Part II”

  1. Kismet, I meant to ask you about the tassel hanging piece attached to the groom’s turban in that seated shot. Tell me more about that – looks great!

  2. Kismet – one of the things I love most is the dusty pink palette and your use of unsaturated colours. So lovely to photograph a wedding of a friend too. Yum x

  3. Incredibly beautiful! Wow colors are just so vibrant and amazing! This is the definition of beauty.


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