Sunday Special-The Wedding Filmer

When we first started the blog-  we searched and searched for cool wedding videos (for this post we wrote months ago)hoping to find something related to the Indian wedding market. That time we found it near impossible.Now, we know of multiple people who have made cool Indian wedding videos- we have become pros at searching,bookmarking and keeping an eye out for these things(yeah,we are SO cool!)! BUT, none that I have found are actually based in India!

Imagine the excitement when we found the Wedding Filmer! Based in India,they make super fun and amazing videos of your wedding. Gone are the days when you want thirty hours of footage from your wedding which you will store away to see 25 years from now and STILL fall asleep when you watch it then-because face it- watching your mothers aunts mother in law dancing at your sangeet isn’t your idea of fun! Videos and photography are the same- they should be something you love to look at over and over again , feeling the madness and happiness of your wedding whenever you look at them.

Like the Wedding Filmer says- Ever tried watching a wedding video which turns out to be four hours of badly edited, terribly shot & never-ending footage of randomness. It’s plain painful to watch. That’s not what memories should be made up of. We TOTALLY agree!

Only once you have seen their films will you understand how totally awesome their videos are!

Power to the bride in this video! She is beyond awesome!


SOOOO- did you love it or did you love it?! These are just a few examples of the work they do- you can check out their Facebook page to see the other videos.I’d strongly suggest if you’re getting married- hire these guys asap! I have a feeling they will be pretty booked up in no time!

You can watch more films by the Wedding Filmer  here and get to know them better on Facebook !



10 Responses to “Sunday Special-The Wedding Filmer”

  1. beautiful!….love them!

  2. LOVE your work! Wish you could come to NJ for mine!

  3. Such beautiful videos!! truly amazing!

  4. Really enjoyed the post!The videos capture the essence of each their weddings so beautifully.


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