Made Me Look !!

Sometimes I wonder which (blogging) world I am living in! How have I missed these awesome Madeulook girls? I just spent the last hour going through their blog and they take some  fantabulous photos! I am inspired/in awe/jealous/in love/and many other things-you get the point right? Super – duper! I wanna be them kinda deal!

The one kind of photo that struck me out of most of the wedding photographs were the ring shots. You got to have the perfect ring shot ,that’s for sure, but if it’s just bleh-there is no point of having it at all. Ring shots we have seen many of and I have found all my favourites on this one blog- how amazing is that! I had to refrain from posting each one I saw to just a few of my fave. If you want to see more you will have to head over here -trust me,it’s totally worth it!

SOOOO? What did you think? I was right, right? AMAZING ring shots aren’t they??? Which one did you absolutely love? I think the last one is probably number one for me at the moment- but who knows what I will feel tomorrow?

Thought you all might be curious about who the MadeULook girls are so I am adding this sketch of them for you which I found on their blog ! Keep doing what you are doing, girls!



{ Made U Look Photography blog and website }


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