Thursday Thoughts: Firangi Rang birangi


Today’s Thursday Thoughts feature is something quite different but I am pretty sure you guys are going to love it! I came across Meera Sethi’s work only the other day (again-which world am I living in!!!!!) and was instantly taken by all her stuff especially this series- Firangi Rang Birangi.

The colours she has used, the way she has depicted the Indian woman, the details, the crossing of cultures and ideologies , the powerful body language in each painting is just mind blowing.


‘In her Firangi Rang Barangi (Hindi for “colourful foreigner”) series (2009-current), she explores the relationship between femininity, dress and identity to produce a hybrid sense of style that is deeply rooted in a diasporic, transnational experience.'(via Vogue)



Via Meera Sethi and her blog

I can’t get enough of these paintings! But what drew them to me the most was how UNREAL they are- you know traditional mixed with the modern? Just like what the indian bride is all about these days! This lady is not only super at her art but she has a great sense of fashion and I for one would love to actually see these outfits materialise into something tangible!

Make sure you check out all the other paintings as well on Meera’s website and blog! So, what did you think? A nice change from the normal post? 🙂


Via Design Wali

Oh!India you are so colourful!

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6 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts: Firangi Rang birangi”

  1. These are fantastic, I love the vivid colours against the purity of white, it burst ouf the page at you. Beautiful work!

  2. These are beautiful!

  3. Whoa this is gorgeous! You have got to be uber creative to create such beautiful pieces. I’m loving the colors! Good find!

  4. Beautiful! I have just found your blog, its all wonderful, I love the mix of traditional and contemporary india… will definitely be back!


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