Friday Find : High tea for you, me and Alice.

Anyone who knows me at all, knows I love to shop. Love is an understatement – I never ever get tired of it regardless of whether its online, in a luxury boutique, a flea market, a grocery store, a vintage treasure chest – thrift, antique, catalogue – I do it all! So theres nothing that gives me more pleasure than to present to you our two new categories – Friday Find and Sunday Wishlist where I will bring to you, the best (in my opinion) ways to spend your hard earned money. Alrightey then, lets get started with these stands from High Tea for Alice over at Etsy.


*pretty pretty*

Lisa Marie Hart – the creative genius behind the shop makes vintage tea stands, custom cupcake stands, cake stands, dessert pedestals & vintage china jewelry stands.


As is evident, these pieces are beyond gorgeous and can be used for a number of things (aside from looking pretty!) I can’t express in words how absolutely overjoyed I would be to receive one of these as a present.

The designer also takes custom orders and you can just head over to her shop to contact her for more details.

All images courtesy High Tea for Alice. And the tea? Pour yourself a cup (and I’ll pour one for myself) – with a dash of vanilla please! Oh how very proper of us. 😉

– April


11 Responses to “Friday Find : High tea for you, me and Alice.”

  1. I ♥ High Tea for Alice! And, Lisa Marie is such a sweetheart. 🙂 I want them all!

  2. Woah they are adorable!! I love LOVE that yellow saucer!!

  3. These are seriously delectable. And timeless- everyone from my little niece to my grandpa would love them !

  4. What a splendid post! I so love tea…I have it every evening before bed. I’m inspired to get some pretty tea things for my nightly ritual!

  5. Oooh.. pretty pretty.. You should visit Oxford – some really great High Tea places here! With really pretty cutlery 🙂 .. really inspiring ideas for my own wedding – not soon though anyway 😛

    Great post!

    xx G

  6. haha very propah indeed!
    love the fancy shmancy china!
    also,those cupcakes look divine!

  7. ahh love these…great find, making me want to go make some scones!! have i said how great your blog is? its great!!x

  8. Thank you so much for featuring us!! I am so thrilled you appreciate our stands all the way over in India. And you have great taste, too! What a fun blog this is… Our shop will have more stands in the spring… Many are in the works! Thanks again & warm wishes to all the readers here…


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