For Japan With Love

Watching the tsunami wreak havoc on Japan was one of the hardest things to do- I wanted to switch the telly off but forced myself to watch it. It left me feeling so uneasy but I felt ridiculously shallow for wanting to switch it off- I was just watching it- what about the people actually living it? This was the only way to connect with what was happening.

The next question was- what can we do to help? This Friday on the 18th of March, a whole lot of bloggers all across the world, including us will observe a ‘day of silence‘ when we will not post anything on our blog. It is a simple way to show our solidarity and our concern for all the people who have suffered because of the tsunami.

You can help too and this is how –

Go to For Japan with Love and make a donation, big or small -the choice is yours. Every little donation will make a difference!The organization chosen for the donations is ShelterBox, one of the first organisations to jump into action after the earthquake shook Japan last Friday.

For more information read this post from Lydia (Ever Ours) and here from  Henny & Lucia (Utterly Engaged)- they are behind this initiative- bless their hearts !

Contact or if you are interested in participating.

For Japan, With Love.


3 Responses to “For Japan With Love”

  1. I so agree… I wanted to switch off the TV too as it was so hard to watch but then I realised the poor people caught up in it don’t have that luxury – of just turning the situation off. They’re living it every second of every day.

  2. I’ve joined you and a number of others. It’s times like these when I’m so happy to be a a part of this community!


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