Colour it up! 

The month of March usually means two things (for me at least)-

One, all the flowers are in bloom -I just came home after ten days and found the entire garden was in bloom and looking oh!so pretty!

Via Not So Routine

Two, Holi usually happens in March (it’s today!) – the festival when you get to play with water balloons, coloured powder , dirt, eggs,beer, and all sorts of  icky things without the fear of getting in trouble. Yes, today is the day you can smash an egg on someones head and all they will do in return is smile back atcha or throw a couple of water balloons in your direction! It sounds pretty crazy but it is one of the madder festivals we have and so much FUN!

Photo via Amrita Nakai

So, HAPPY HOLI everyone- be safe and eggless (and eat only a few bhang pakodas-they are dangerous!)!

Via Dawn

Side note: Actually March also usually meant exam time for most of us and holi would almost always happen during exam time which meant we could watch from afar but not partake in the festivities ! Pure torture! Thank God we don’t have to deal with that anymore!


**Happy Holi !**




6 Comments to “ Colour it up! 

  1. totally stunning photos, what amazing colours, totally love it xxx

  2. OMG that looks like so much fun!! Love all the colour… like Naomi makes me want to visit!

  3. Oh man this looks like my kind of celebration…lots of color and lots of fun…every time I read your posts I want to visit India.

  4. What a fun way to celebrate with colors and play!

  5. My fiancé was just telling me about Holi – “it’s all about colors, you would love it!”

    I didn’t know what he meant…but now I do!

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