Thursday Thoughts : Glass slipper? No thanks!

When it comes to shoes, Im the kind of person who usually throws caution to the wind and tends to ignore words like practical and wearability. However, even though we all love  pretty footwear, on certain occasions we have to take practicality into account. Your wedding is exactly that occasion!

At times I feel as if brides pick their wedding footwear last of all and dont pay much attention to it all. Clearly, this is not the way to go. First and foremost, take a look at the shoes you already own and pick out the styles which are most comfortable. The results can be quite surprising! If someone were to ask me that question I would automatically say my shoes with wedge heels or broader shorter heels would be most comfortable but the shoes I actually wear most often and for what I call ‘long haul events’ like nights out dancing (and weddings!) are a humble, much worn, much loved gold patent leather pair of Jimmy Choos. Upon closer examination, these dont fit the bill of the typical ‘comfy’ high heel (yes, such a thing does infact exist!).

Via A Women and Her Shoes

If you notice, the heel isn’t what you would call mid range but they aren’t staggeringly high like most of my other shoes. The clever design ensures that no strappy parts of the shoe cut you while the upper strap gives you enough support to walk (or run – yes I’ve had to do that once or twice), dance, jump and basically do whatever it is that you need to do!

Wedges tend to be a little dicey – its very easy to lose your balance and twist your ankle! Also, most wedges have narrow peep toe cut outs which can hurt your toes after a while of walking around. Secondly, who wears wedges to their own wedding?? Please dont.

Via Karen Wise Via Style Me Pretty

Now, this is a style that works for me, but everyone is different so do take your time and examine shoes in various styles and lots of stores to find the perfect one for you. Make sure the leather is soft so that you dont cut yourself and that the arch of your foot is well supported so you dont get what I can only describe as ‘swimming pool crazy painful cramp‘ – I’m sure theres a real medical term for it out there!!

If you are having an Indian ceremony at your wedding, theres a large chance you will have to remove your shoes for the wedding and then put them back on again. The taking off part is all very well but immediately after; you don’t want to be struggling (wriggling?!) into a complicated strappy design while hanging off of the arm of your husband of two minutes and messing up your outfit and jewellery in the process. Hence, a slip on style could be your best bet.

Via Cohn Frankel Photography

Once you’ve found your perfect pair, take them to the designer who’s making your outfit and make sure your lehenga is the appropriate length – both, with your shoes on and off – in the event that you switch to more comfy dancing flats afterwards, you dont want an extra 3 inches of your lehenga trailing behind you and tripping you up as well! Speaking of comfy flats we have a special treat in store for you for our 100th blog post (which is just a few posts away!).

Via Project Wedding

Alrightey then!  You’ve got your shoes, got your lehenga length adjusted and also sent us a thank you note for all this great advice – now please don’t pack those beauties away till the big day. I would suggest you wear them every single day for at least half an hour and walk around. Wear them at home so you don’t get them dirty! By the time your wedding comes around your shoes will be broken in and ready for meeting greeting, sitting standing, dancing, walking – EVERYTHING! OH the joyyy!!!

Via Stephanie Williams Photography




3 Comments to “Thursday Thoughts : Glass slipper? No thanks!”

  1. Wow! Really, really good advice! Im just about to order my shoes and schedule my dress fitting so these tips come right on time!!! =)

  2. Great pictures you’ve picked out! I completely agree with breaking em in before the actual day. Most shoes are tough on the feet the first day u wear them unless ur lucky enough to find the perfect fit shoes 🙂

    Its very important and most people fall into the logic of packing em away to be new and shiny on the wedding day. (Ignore unintentional rhyme). Great post by the way 🙂

    xx G

    Look who’s Wearing (LwW)

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