Sunday Wishlist : Hoot Hoot


Theres a strong watch exchanging/presenting tradition in Indian weddings – don’t know if it exists elsewhere but, I’m sure any bride would be delighted to find this inside a gift box rather than any old metal strap timepiece {*yawn*}

Chopard Owl watch in 18K rose gold with two dials, two time zones, and quartz movement, fully set with baguette-cut rubies (3.68 carats), baguette-cut diamonds (1.67 carats), and brilliant-cut diamonds (7.52 carats). Oooh ooohhh ooh!!! Need we say more??


*Sunday Daydreaming*


6 Responses to “Sunday Wishlist : Hoot Hoot”

  1. I love this! I wish I could find an affordable replica!

  2. Why must this watch be so expensive? 🙂
    friggin; love it!
    imagine the wrist go ‘hoot hoot’ …
    ah well.
    time to find a replica. 😉

  3. This is gorgeeeous! I love jewelry that has unique glamour!

  4. Woo hooo, I want one too 🙂 lovely find indeed

  5. This is classic! Great find!! hahah!


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