Friday Find : Gaga over Goblets !

The steady approach of summer brings to mind everything colourful, bright and fun! To add a touch of the same to all your summer social events are the prettiest wine glasses I came across on Etsy.

Swirly Garden via Etsy

I adore anything and everything to do with birds so these were my obvious first choice 😀

 Swirly Garden via Etsy

 Simple Things by Katy via Etsy

Decouverre via Etsy

Hand Painted Petals via Etsy

Pretty My Drink  via Etsy

 Mary Wibis via Etsy

And although they have little to do with tropical or summer themes, I couldn’t leave these gorgeous Matrioshka dolls out of the mix!

Swirly Garden via Etsy

I think wine glasses are the perfect present for any occasion be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary or even house warming! Gorgeous glasses are notoriously hard to find when you need them and I think all of these would be a welcome addition to anyones collection. Happy shopping all! Hope you enjoyed todays Friday Find post as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


3 Responses to “Friday Find : Gaga over Goblets !”

  1. What gorgeous glassware! Love the white roses by Handpaintedpetals. Beautiful work by all!

  2. This is a terrific showcase of different styles of painting wine glasses — thank you so much for including my silver and white goblets amongst these finds!

    And, this is a very fun blog! Enjoy the day!


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