Thursday Thoughts:Bouquets be Beautiful

Indian weddings are anything but short on flowers – they are included in every aspect of the decor- from huge arcs to table settings to being stuck on the wedding car! But, I think the time has come to steer away from the regular marigolds, roses ,orchids and lilies that we are so used to using- more out of habit than out of the lack of other choices!

I’ve noticed a lot of Indian brides these days have taken to carrying bouquets which I personally think is a super addition ! I’ve just spent many hours looking at beautiful bouquets scattered all over the internet-verse and it was hard not posting every pretty bouquet I saw. Here are some samplers of what I did see- some simple(but gorgeous) bouquets, bouquets made with wild flowers, exotic flowers, pretty colourful flowers to name a few. I have barely touched the world of bouquets but this is a good beginning , right?

Besides the bouquets, how cute are their wellies?!

Via 100 Layer Cake via One Love Photography

Via Once Wed via Jose Villa


As if the flowers aren’t gorgeous enough, Jose Villa makes you swoon with his photography! 

Via Brancoprata via Style Me Pretty via Jose Villa


So, what are you waiting for? Go order your bouquet now- I promise you won’t be sorry! 

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4 Comments to “Thursday Thoughts:Bouquets be Beautiful”

  1. Oh I love these bouquets. They look so natural, not too polished.

  2. oh i love each and every one of them

  3. I really love wildflower bouquets, and I don’t think they’ll ever go out of style!

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