Thursday Thoughts : All Things Pretty

Planning your wedding is a mammoth task. Mammoth enough to forget everything else in the process. Certain things you are allowed to forget , like a friends birthday or perhaps the fact that you have a huge presentation at work a week after your wedding. These things can be thrown into the deep dark recesses of your mind till it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to think of them again. Ofcourse, not promising it won’t have it’s consequences- you may lose a  friend or two, or even a job. But hey, getting married is worth it. Right? Like I was saying, certain things can be ignored but it’s kind of important to think about your new living situation after you get married. Maybe you already live together, or you are moving into his house or he’s moving into yours and MAYBE you have to move into your inlaws ! Either which way, it’s a new living situation and you should pay some attention to it! No fun moving into a drab boy’s apartment with car posters stuck over the bathroom window instead of the pretty floral (with butterflies ) curtain that you had in your old place. My advice: dedicate a good part of your day thinking about your new pad and how you want to do it up.

That’s where Ayesha fits in! Ayesha has a business called ALL THINGS PRETTY ,which focuses mainly on decorative cushions and table linen.

Velvet cushion covers with golden buti work

She is looking at expanding more aggressively into table linen, bed linen, soon. She does what I think is the clever thing by having multiple exhibitions all over North India where she can reach out to more people and expand her market.

What inspired Ayesha to start All Things Pretty? A simple shopping trip when she was setting up her apartment two years ago!! You never know when an idea can hit you , right? It’s pretty amazing how she actually worked on that little idea and now has huge plans of a one stop shop for home decor.

Her range of cushions is quite vast – ranging from Indian motifs, to English country inspired prints and some funky graphic designs! Something for everybody- depending on how you plan on setting your home up.

Chiffon and Georgette cushions with lining inside

She plans to maybe expand and be more of a part of the wedding business scene by providing cushions and bolsters for mehendi’s and sangeets. I sense a bit of trepidation on her part but I think it is a fabulous idea and once she has orders pouring in , she won’t have an opportunity to say no!

Incidentally, our little stint on telly which we told you about here probably was because of Ayesha and her support for The  Unreal Bride ! So thank you for that Ayesha – we hope you get loads and loads of business and we can’t wait to see your home store when it is up and running!

You can find some of Ayesha’s products being retailed at ZAZA home in Zamrudpur, New Delhi and Vanity Box in our own lovely town of Chandigarh !

If you want more information- call her at  +91-9810330205  or send her an email here- 

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4 Comments to “Thursday Thoughts : All Things Pretty”

  1. Hm…I’ll take one of each, pretty please! Lovely textures and colors!

  2. Wow – these are so pretty! Does Ayesha have a website? These would be gorgeous for Indian weddings.

    • Thanks guys! Aisling – I dont have a website yet but I’d be happy to share images with you if you like. My email id is mentioned in the post above 🙂

      • they look yummy and of course pretty:) very very useful for us wedding planners. now we can play with more colors. great stuff ayesha!

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