Tuesday Shoesday : Banana Pancakes

This may be an odd trait that is unique to me, but, this is what I do when I look at a pair of shoes in a store – I imagine myself wearing them; the outfit, the setting, what I’ll be doing; everything.  I look at these super cute shoes and imagine myself in a cotton dress belted at the waist, hair loose and skin dewy – walking from my (ahem!) banana plantation along the caribbean coast of Central America, to the local post office to pick up a present that Kismet has sent me from India! Oh the joy! *all in my day dreams* 

Strung Packages Sandals at Anthropologie

What have the other ladies chosen today? Go see for yourselves!

{Magnolia Rouge}  {Brancoprata} {Postcards & Pretties}{Beyond Beyond} {Niche White} {Marry You Me}


6 Comments to “Tuesday Shoesday : Banana Pancakes”

  1. These are super fun!! Great pick!

  2. exudes..”Summer”…

  3. I’m with Kate, love that dream scenario as much as the shoes – they are gorge!

  4. These are cute!! And I love your dream scenario… sounds pretty good to me!!

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