{Unreal Diversion} Cover Story 

Sometimes we wonder if we should be called The Unreal Bride or The Unreal something else {we’re not too sharp this afternoon and hence, couldn’t come up with a quirky ‘other’ name but you get the gist right?} since we get SO much work which is a diversion from weddings – not that we’re complaining. At all!

One such project we recently completed is a prime example of what we’re talking about. Cover Story is the brainchild of local entrepreneurs Bhavna and her sister Anisha.

Bhavna contacted us to do a conceptualized product shoot for her new catalogue and website. Just days before our NDTV debut that you saw here, we spent two days with the lovely Bhavna giving her brand the Unreal twist which is what brings us to today! Yay!

This exclusive home decor brand focusses on regal and luxurious trimmings for your furniture. Cover Story bedspreads, table tops, cushions and throws are heavily embellished with beadwork, zardozi, dabka and thread work. The brand has two lines as of right now – one is influenced by Indian Moghul art and history and the other is more contemporary and pop art-ish.

The contemporary style cushions are all bright and cheerful and are perfect for  young home owners while the embroidered sets for beds might cater to a more mature clientele.

For all you people who LOVE this and don’t live in India – there is hope yet! Cover Story also has a branch in the U.A.E!

Contact Cover Story at +91-959221100 in India and +971-502353970 in the U.A.E or email them at info@yourcoverstory.com or visit their website.


4 Comments to “{Unreal Diversion} Cover Story 

  1. Luv all of ur wrk bhavna!!! N excellent photography too!!!!:)

  2. I think we have come up with an excellent term to add to “The Unreal…” …the Unreal Experience. Truly, your work speaks volume for itself. We were excited to see your unique skills at work during the photo shoot and were really in awe with the end result. Thank you so much for showcasing the exclusive works of Cover Story. We sincerely feel that the exquisiteness of the pieces was beautifully captured with your photos. Good luck with all your future endeavors and we look forward to working together on more projects soon 🙂

    Bhavna and Anisha, Cover Story

  3. Wow…everything looks so nice…! can anyone fall n love wit bed linen..hmmm?!?!??!!!

  4. Wow, those patterns and details are exquisite!

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