Friday Find : Lock it!

There’s something so very romantic about a locket – without fail, it always makes one think of love, and isn’t that a great thing to think about?! It’s sad to see that lockets are increasingly rare now a days. I have one, very similar to this one actually, that has a picture of my grandfather in it – undoubtedly my most favourite person in the world! Go ahead and spread some love – wear a locket!

Oh, and also find teeny tiny pictures of people to go in it!

Freshy Fig via Etsy

I actually read a short story once (a very long time ago) in which, a girl who had no choice but to walk home late at night kept some pepper in her locket to blow in the faces of potential attackers. So you see? It can double as a weapon too! Erm, not sure if it works though – fiction is fiction after all!

When I prowl Etsy to bring you Friday Finds – I usually pretend I’m looking for presents for a Bride-to-be, or that ‘I’ am actually the bride and am looking for bridesmaids presents or a present for my soon to be husband, even in-laws! Ha! I’m just saying I try to keep it all wedding related – in some way.

Thats all for today folks! Don’t forget to come back for Sunday Wishlist – I promise this one is swoon worthy.

**Found on Friday**


6 Comments to “Friday Find : Lock it!”

  1. such a sweet reminder, my mum had a locket when i was younger, and i used to love opening it as see our pictures in it! and always wanted one of my own, but never did get it..maybe its time!

  2. so pretty!….ethereal….

  3. love such vintage pieces … they have such a nostalgic quality!

  4. That is so delicate and pretty!

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