Thursday Thoughts: Under my Parapluie

True story: My cousin meticulously planned her wedding at her parent’s gorgeous country home about two years ago. Everything right from the flowers to her gown to the thousands of lanterns that had been ordered and everything else you can think of was taken care of. Nothing escapes this lady, trust me! Did she check what the weather was going to be on that special Saturday? OFCOURSE she did! (Didn’t I just say nothing escapes her? Pay attention people!)

The weather reports had  said it would be sunny and an absolute gorgeous day – perfect for a wedding. Trust the rain gods to decide otherwise. Literally, an hour before the wedding ceremony- it started raining. Out came the umbrellas- all colour coordinated and put into a basket at the gate for the guests (not sure where they came from but then my Uncle is prepared for anything, isn’t he? So I never asked!). Plastic sheets were pulled out and the tents were covered as best they could at such short notice. Luckily, it was only drizzling when the bride and the groom walked out to the altar but by the time we had to move from one end of the garden to the other tent where the dinner was- it was pouring!

Was the wedding a wash out??? Certainly not!!! We had mud till our knees- umbrellas in one hand, drinks in the other and we danced till the wee hours of the morning! I did have to change out of my sari though- it was hard wading through the slush in a sari- I can’t even walk straight in one on a dry day! Oh, and there were bets who would slip on what part of the dance floor first. My brother made some lucky guy pretty rich that night!

Suffice to say it was an epic wedding and the rain was just an unwanted guest that night who we all pretty much ignored. My point? You can never tell if the weather is going to go all nutso on you. So the best thing is to be prepared and have some umbrellas lying around, just in case. If they are pretty and pink or colour coordinated (or not)- it would be nice. Just saying.

Top , Bottom 

 Apart from the practical advise, how about the fact that there is something so magical about umbrellas?

Maybe it’s memories of Mary Poppin’s umbrella. Or maybe it’s just because. Either way, they are so pretty and can a real fun element to your wedding? Right from just being props (like hanging upside down over your dance floor) or part of your engagement session- they look lovely!

Top, Bottom

Left , Right

 Via or Via StyleMePrettyPolka Dot Bride100LayerCake

And if you haven’t noticed, we love umbrellas here at The Unreal Bride as well!!

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5 Comments to “Thursday Thoughts: Under my Parapluie”

  1. I love the photo with the umbrellas used as decor upside down – how amazingly refreshing. Love!

  2. So lovely! A monsoon wedding also does turn out picture perfect at times (from photography POV)

  3. Sounds like a blast!! I love the rain, I actually wouldn’t mind if it rained on my wedding day. Plus, these images with all the umbrellas are *so* sweet!! xo

  4. Dear Kismet,

    That is exactly what happned to u at my Sangeet..! trust the weather guys to ruin everything..!
    It was pouring 1 day before the sangeet but te report said its goin o be nice and sunny…! so we laid back thinking its going to be a cake walk…little did we know the weather man had conspired..! it poured and poured on the day and I tried everything….water prrofing ten etc…but it was on too short a notice…!
    We did have fun even though it was rainig..!
    BUT….my hair looks awfully limp in all the pictures..:-)

  5. Good advice Kis, love the images you have chosen too. But, despite the rain – that description that you have given still makes it sound like an absolutely amazing wedding!

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