Thursday Thoughts: Colourless Cakes

Do you know how many kinds of cakes are out there? There are single tiered cakes, triple tiered cakes, cupCAKES, cake dresses, cakes of all shapes and sizes to choose from! I should’ve been eating some cake while writing this post because only I know how much I need some right now!!! You will too at the end of this post.

After perusing the internet for hours mainly Pinterest – which has become like Google to me- what did we do without it, I wonder? Like I was saying, after spending a few hours too many on Pinterest and then going on an internet hunt, I decided let’s focus on white cakes. They fascinate me- these white cakes. So minimalistic yet definitely the most beautiful of all the cakes I have seen. Even the ones with a dash of colour are amazing!

Via Emmaline Bride

This cake tops my list of favourites- how do they do it? How do they make them so perfect? Problem is, I don’t think I could eat this cake! I would want to just sit and stare at it.

Via Sweet and Saucy Shop

Maybe the entire post should’ve been about the Sweet and Saucy shop! Their cakes are amazing as you can see!

Via Style Me Pretty

So, do you think you would prefer a white cake over any other colour for your wedding day? While you think about that, I am off to scout me some cake!

Via Martha Stewart Weddings

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7 Comments to “Thursday Thoughts: Colourless Cakes”

  1. That top cake is freakin’ amazing!! The second one down is just as lovely too…. oh heck I’d have any of them!!

  2. They are all gorgeous but I am loving 2 and 3!

  3. The second one is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE!! Dreaming of soft, white, ruffly icing *sigh*

  4. for the first time EVER, i think i would do more staring than eating 🙂

  5. Oh… Love those white cakes. BEAUTIFUL… The first one is really cool! My favourite. Nothing beats good ol’ white cakes!

  6. :-D…I love d pristine white ones…!

  7. OMG! beautiful….

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