Real Wedding N&A Part III

What do we have in store for you this Friday? The final installment from the N&A wedding. If you have missed the earlier posts , here is Part I and Part II.

Since the wedding ceremony was at ten am, the day started bright and early .Despite the late night and long looong day the bride had had, she was shining and radiant as ever! The bride kept her make-up very natural and simple, and the painted design of red and white dots right above her eyebrows was a great addition!


Before the bride took off to the gurudwara for the ceremony, I managed to get some shots of her outside where in the natural light, the colour of her outfit really looked great. She wore a lehenga by Ritu Kumar who is known for her contribution to the haute couture fashion of India bridal wear.On a side note, I am a pretty big fan of the Ritu Kumar ad campaigns especially when they have Prabuddhadas Gupta as their photographer!

The wedding was in a gurudwara where the groom arrived in full force with lots of music and dancing and ofcourse, a horse 🙂 The ceremony was short and sweet and after, the entire wedding party proceeded back to the fabulous farm to celebrate.

Photo credit: Kismet Jewell Nakai

So, with that we come to the end of this wedding- hope you guys enjoyed it and I didn’t stretch it over too many days/weeks!

Have a great weekend,everyone!




10 Comments to “ Real Wedding N&A Part III”

  1. You have done a great job Kismet. Amazingly clicked photos. Color of wedding lehenga of the bride is extremely stunning.

  2. Gorgeous. I can never get enough of these weddings! Absolutely gorgeous! xo

  3. Really enjoyed the entire segment, you did a super job keeping up our curiosity and we think it was soooo fun wedding, with all the beautiful dresses,jewellery and the photography was original. Good job!!

  4. the overhead shot is stunning. I was wondering if the flowers in her hair would get lost under her dupatta, but clearly not.

  5. Wow… the colour of her outfit is stunning!! Beautiful work!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Kismet! Beautiful bride and pretty colours and jewels everywhere you look!

  7. The intricate details and mix of colours are just stunning!

  8. Brilliantly shot pictures.
    I love the black and white one.

  9. This is beautiful. There is something about Indian weddings: so colourful, so full of emotions.

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