Personal Post: For Razia and Juno 

This post is far away from all things weddings and photographs, but it’s one I feel the need to write. It’s about two doggies who have been stolen from the unreal office and it demands us to do something about it.

First let me introduce the stars of this post- Razia and Juno.

Meet Razia. She is alpha mama to all the doggies that have passed through this house. Big, black and absolutely cuddelicious. She is silent and sweet and you can feel her presence even when she is all curled up in the sofas cushions. I don’t even live in that house but when I hear the scratching on the door and Razia comes barreling in ,wagging her tail furiously and then  jumping on me, my heart melts. Each and every time.

Then, just a few months ago- Juno arrived. She is a real tiny puppy with these adorable sparkly eyes – a real lady in the making. She had an unfortunate accident where she jumped out of the car window (oh! these puppies) and broke her leg pretty badly. April didn’t leave her side for weeks, sleeping by her on the floor, making sure she was alright the whole time. She is only about 6 months old.Juno

Life was going on as usual till the  30th of June.Both Razia and Juno went missing from her house and haven’t been seen since. Isn’t it odd for both of them to go missing at the same time? It couldn’t be possible that they both decided to take a romp  around the sector and not come back or that they lost their way home. No, Razia is smarter than that- she knows her way around and would definitely find her way home, bringing Juno in tow. That only leaves a few possibities of what could’ve happened. One, someone saw them running around,wearing collars looking lost and took them home in which case they are safe in someone’s home and they might see the missing posters and give them back. Or two, they were stolen.

The more and more we think about it, the more it seems they WERE stolen. Reports from all around town say about seven dogs went missing that day. SEVEN! I find that a bit ridiculous and hard to believe it hasn’t made the news yet. If a random dog bites a random man on a random street, THAT will make the news but when seven dogs (that we know of, could be more) go missing- nothing happens. You have to do all that you can possibly do to find them. So, what is there to be done? Roam the streets, call out their names, print posters, put it on facebook, tell all your friends and their friends, go to the various animal shelters, even write a police report but soon , all these options get exhausted and all you are left with is these evil thoughts of what could have happened. And it’s suffocating. Nothing could be worse than the feeling of not knowing and not being able to do anything!

The more and more I think about it, the more I feel the most important thing to do is, keep the faith. Believe they are okay and that they will come back. To keep them in your thoughts all the time, and use the power of thought to bring them back. Yes, it may sound strange but if you don’t have hope, what do you have?

Razia Reading

The main reason I am putting this out there on the blog is that I  believe in the power of social media, of connections and that everyone can help if they really wanted to help. So if nothing else, this is a plea. A plea for you to please help us. If you live in(or have lived in) and around Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Patiala, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Delhi, Gurgaon or even in some remote village in the hills- I would urge you to please spread the message around.Put this on your facebook, tell your friends about it, keep your eyes open- anything! I think that if all these dog-nappings are connected , they are obviously a big group picking up dogs for breeding purposes or selling so maybe you might know someone who is selling a dog or maybe your friends uncle has a farm where they keep dogs and you hear there are new puppies or maybe you will just see them roaming the streets ,looking lost. But, when you do see them- at least you know who they are and who they belong to. Anything is possible and we have to live on that possibility.

On a side note, I want to tell you about how April has gone out of her way many times for dogs. One time she found a poor little pup curled up in the gutter and took him home, posted his photos on facebook and found his owners in less than 24 hours. Then this other time, like the dog knew where to go, she found a dalmation at her front door just sitting there. Despite serious efforts to find the owner, she wasn’t able to and today, he is curled up sleeping on my living room floor. So if anyone deserves a little help to find her dogs, I believe it is her.

So, what do you think- will you help us spread the word? Thank you in advance – we just can’t get any sleep without Razia’s snoring and Juno chewing our chappals up.

Plus, do you know how weird it will be when April comes to pick me up and Razia won’t be sitting in the back seat loving her car ride?

If anyone has any leads, pleas email us at or call us at +91 9872135578


10 Comments to “Personal Post: For Razia and Juno 

  1. Hi
    where exactly did you lose them from? I’m urging all my friends to share this.
    I have 7 babies of my own. One being the mommy of the other six. If anything happened to them, I’d be devastated.
    I can understand.
    Hope you find your friends’ kids soon!
    Love and prayers!

    • Hey Durga, we are from Chandigarh. Luckily , we managed to find one of the doggies- the black lab (Razia). Still haven’t been able to find Juno 😦 It is the most heartbreaking thing ever! Thank you for your concern. And wow! seven !!! that is awesome!

  2. So sad! I really hope you do find them soon. How awful!

  3. I hope you find them soon! xoxo

  4. God bless them both my all the good wishes with hope you find your babies soon …..

  5. Some of lknow ones are in mohali and chandigarh area…will also ask them to keep an eye opena nd will help spread it as much as i can . i am an animal lover myself and will pray to God that they are found soon and safe ! 😦

  6. I so hope that they are found…I have a dog too and realize how it feels. Will spread the message around.

  7. i am sure you shall fine the puppies….we shall help spread this for you and the others.
    Spirits high & hope the best.

  8. Hope the babies are found soon…sending prayers your way!

  9. I really hope that you will find them xo

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