Tuesday Shoesday: A few of my favourite things

Cute comfy flats (in a yummy colour) and books.. just a few of my favourite things.. Do you agree?

Via Pink Wallpaper but Pinterest must be given full credit, AGAIN!

Wander off to these beautiful blogs to see more Shoesday picks!

{Magnolia Rouge}  {Brancoprata} {Postcards & Pretties}{Beyond Beyond} {Niche White} {Marry You Me}


9 Comments to “Tuesday Shoesday: A few of my favourite things”

  1. I am obsessed with cute, comfy flats … there is no better shoe 🙂

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  2. such a sweet pair of lovelies!!

    xoxo, chrissy from the perfect palette.

  3. I agree!! nothing is better than shoes & books!

  4. These are so cute and Steph is so right, the picture is so cute!

  5. ooh and agree… love the colour of these shoes!! And yep I’m all about the books as well!

  6. Love this picture… So cute… And what cool shoes too!! LOOOVE this pic!

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